Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Premiership North Week Eight Power Ranking

1. East Kilbride Pirates (3-0)
Ha. Ha. Ha. That's the sound of our prediction of a close game getting laughed all the way out of town. East Kilbride shifted up a notch against Doncaster, handing out a old-fashioned beat down. THE team to beat

2. Tamworth Phoenix (4-0)
Well, they conceded against Nottingham, but it was on offence (a length-of-the-field fumble recovery no less). As expected, it was a dominant performance over the lackluster Caesars. Even with two games before then, the focus of the division is on Tamworth's trip to Hamilton at the end of July.

3. Doncaster Mustangs (4-1)
Ouch Donny, ouch. Losing 53-12 in a game that should have been close made them - and, more importantly, us - look a little silly. They can, however, still look at a potential home game in the play-offs if they can turn over Tamworth in a couple of weeks.

4. Sheffield Predators (2-0)
With the league this week confirming that there will be four play-off places for each division, Sheffield are favorites to tie up that final post-season berth.

5. Lancashire Wolverines (1-1)
If the Black Swarm can beat Coventry this Saturday, they'll seriously be thinking of a six win season and an outside chance at the play-offs - that would be some achievement

6. Birmingham Bulls (1-2)
We were a tad harsh on the Bulls last week, but that still doesn't mean that we're looking forward to their game against Yorkshire this weekend...

7. Yorkshire Rams (1-3)
If they can beat Birmingham on the road, things begin to look up a little with Nottingham to follow. They could be back to .500 by the time they play Lancashire in the "War of the Roses" in a few weeks

8. Coventry Jets (1-3)
Remember when we were all about Coventry in the early weeks of the season? Looks pretty stupid now, doesn't it? Lancashire at home is next up for the Jets

9. West Coast Trojans (0-3)
Generic "No game this week" comment once again - a trip down to the West Midlands to play Tamworth should give us something to write about next week.

10. Nottingham Caesars (0-4)
It wasn't as bad as most predicted (if a little worse than the three scores we suggested), but there is a gulf in class between Nottingham and the likes of Tamworth. Yorkshire at home next up means that they have at least a chance of being competitive.

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