Friday, 14 June 2013

Premiership Predictions, Week Ten

Premiership North
Nottingham Caesars vs Yorkshire Rams
Nottingham welcomes Yorkshire in a game that they will no doubt have identified as "winnable" earlier on in the season. Unfortunately for them, the Rams found their stride offensively in their last outing, breaching 20 points for the first time this season. Score at a similar level on Sunday, and the Caesars offence won't be able to hang with them.
The Rams are probably just about in the race for the final play-off place, so will be lookig to hammer a point home. What better way to do it than by beating up on a very poor Caesars team?
Rams by three scores

Lancashire Wolverines vs East Kilbride Pirates
We read the EKP match report from their demolition of Doncaster with a little shame on our faces (read the first paragraph for their sneaky dig), because they pretty much shoved any doubt we showed about their credentials back in our smug faces - well played Pirates.
Lancashire are next up for the undisputed(?) #1 team in the North, and while the Wolverines have stepped up to the Premier level better than their fellow promoted teams, this probably won't end well for them.
East Kilbride by four scores

Birmingham Bulls vs Coventry Jets
We're not going to lie, it's been pretty grim for these two sides so far. Largely low-par performances from both sides mean that this game is a serious contender for this week's "Meh Bowl", with neither side showing any kind of post-season credentials thus far.
Both teams are at the early stages of a rebuild with youth replacing the old guard, so there will likely be a few future stars on show. And that's all the positives we can think to say...
Coventry by less than a score
Premiership South
London Warriors vs Ipswich Cardinals
Unfortunately for Ipswich we couldn’t see this going any other way than the Warriors way, and especially now the Cardinals are fresh off a beating from the Blitz.
Warriors by eight scores.
Peterborough Saxons vs East Kent Mavericks
Peterborough showed signs of toughness against Sussex, eeking the game into the 4th quarter and nearly staging a comeback. However, there is a reason the Mavericks are higher up on the rankings than the Saxons. One crucial point in this game could be whether the Mavericks QB has returned from injury sustained against the Olympians. If he isn’t present the game gets thrown into the air a little bit. Assuming he is though:
Mavericks by three scores.
Sussex Thunder vs Cambridgeshire Cats
Sussex have licked their wounds from the Aztecs, and got back some pride by beating the Saxons, however it wasn't the most impressive of performances, especially after benching their starting quarterback from their early season victories. 

The Cats have taken away what they can from the two games against the Warriors and Blitz and can now focus on the prize, a playoff spot. Playing the top teams and scoring gives some confidence to their offence, and we think this will shine through.

Cats by four scores.

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