Monday, 7 November 2011

BUAFL Top 10 Power Rankings

With week one of the BUAFL season in the books it’s time for Double Coverage’s BUAFL top 10 power rankings. Before we get started we would like to give some recognition to the BNU Buccaneers and Southampton Stags for their 48-52 point classic, also a big congratulations to Bangor Muddogs for finally get their first BUAFL victory, a 39-0 win over Tarannau Aberystwyth. Right, back to business!

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Hertfordshire could be the best University team this season, a 57-0 victory over KCL Regents earns the Canes the number 1 spot in the rankings as well as the top spot in the SEC. With only Kent Falcons as competition in the conference, it would be no surprise to see Herts go 8-0 and claim the number 1 seed in the country.

2. Portsmouth Destroyers
The U as they like to call themselves could have an argument to be number one in our ratings as the reigning national champs, unfortunately we were expecting a higher score than 20-0 over Brunel which is why they find themselves at number 2. However, a victory over BNU this week could see the U rise again.
3. Birmingham Lions
The Lions were the only team in the top 10 to play against opposition who also got to the post season last year, but have fallen a spot due to the injury of Tristan Varney. A well earned victory over MAC rivals NTU secures the Lions the number 3 spot this week, the Lions now have a bye week before facing the Coventry Jets on November 20th.

4. Loughborough Aces
No game this week for last year’s winners of the MAC division, next week’s opponents, the Nottingham Outlaws may post a stern test for the Aces, but we believe the Aces will pull out the victory as they aim to hold onto their conference title.

5. Hallam Warriors
Last year’s semi finalists pulled off a comfortable 52-0 victory over the Leeds Celtics and the rumoured loss of David Saul had no affect on the team as they posted the blowout victory.

6. UWE Bullets
Last year’s SWAC winners managed to win a close game against the Plymouth Blitz this week, edging the contest 21-16. We can see the Bullets posting a huge score this week against Tarannau Aberystwyth to try and improve their number 6 ranking.

7. Bristol Barracudas
No game this week for last year's #2 seed from the SWAC, no doubt Bristol will be hoping to improve on last year’s 7-1 record when they kick start their season with an away trip to the Bath Spa Bulldogs.

8. Kent Falcons
The Falcons started their campaign with a 41-7 victory over the LSBU Spartans, looking at the schedule Kent may go into their game against Hertfordshire 5-0 and higher up in the rankings.

9. Newcastle Raiders
Newcastle may have the biggest claim to be higher up in the rankings than anyone else, unfortunately though not even a 84-0 blowout will earn you a spot above better teams from down south. With an easy schedule until the final game of the season it would be no surprise to see Newcastle go 8-0 or 7-1 again.

10. Glasgow Tigers
The Tigers have secured the final spot in our top 10 with a 16-0 victory away to Edinburgh Napier Knights, with Newcastle and Stirling both winning by 80+ scores, Glasgow’s offence will need to start posting big numbers if they want to make it to the Championship playoffs again.


  1. Good rankings... Keep up the good work .

  2. UWE Bullets won SWAC last season

  3. The standings that we used had Barracuda top of the SWAC, I'll look into though and make the corrections if this is true.

  4. Seeing as UWE beat Barracuda doesn't that give UWE the advantage due to the head to head rule?

  5. bullets definitely won the SWAC last season i have the photo of me with the trophy as proof

  6. We have changed it now. Thanks for the input guys!

  7. 52-0 vs perennial northern playoff contenders Leeds and Hallam are 5th?
    Kents only put up 57 vs KCL!

  8. where are the stags fam?


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