Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 5 BUAFL Rankings 11-20

With a couple of big divisional matchups, we find the rankings altering once again as we just completed the penultimate week of the 2011 fixtures.

11. Cardiff Cobras (2-0)

Cardiff find themselves rising this week even though they were on another bye. With three of the teams above them in last week’s rankings losing, the Cobras now sit atop the lower half of our top 20 and a win next week could see the Cobras rising again.

12. UH Sharks (3-1)

The Sharks drop down three places after a tough loss to Hallam this weekend. With Huddersfield next up, let’s hope Hull recover in time to go into the Christmas break sitting at 4-1 and continue to stay in contention for the Championship playoffs.

13. Derby Braves (3-1)

Well we all know what will be the talking point for the next few weeks. With the Outlaws being rewarded the win for leading at the start of the 3rd quarter, Derby unfortunately suffers their first loss in controversial fashion. Despite dropping to 3-1 the Braves can show if they are a true contender in the MAC in next week’s fixture against the Aces.

Side note – Glad to hear the Outlaws player that was at the centre of the controversy is ok.

14. OBU Panthers (3-1)

Just like Hull, the Panthers find themselves moving down in our rankings after losing to divisional powerhouses. After starting off the season so well let’s hope that Oxford Brookes continue their
winning ways after they return from the Christmas break. Having one team left on the schedule with a winning record will help the cause.

15. Imperial Immortals (3-1)

After reviewing their respective schedules and points difference I realised that the Immortals deserve to be placed higher up than the Glasgow Tigers, thus they are now number 15 in our rankings. As stated last week Imperial has finished all of their ’11 fixtures and are now gearing up for the return after the winter break.

16. Essex Blades (3-0)

Despite winning comfortably this week, Essex only rise a few places because they were playing a rookie team. Next week’s matchup against the Hurricanes will show if the Blades are as good as the ranking suggests.

17. Glasgow Tigers (3-1)

As explained in the Imperial section, the Tigers have been moved down to the strength of schedule and points difference. Glasgow find themselves sitting comfortably in the playoffs position as they head into the New Year.

18. Stirling Clansmen (3-1)

The first team on this week’s rankings that was unable to play because of the miserable weather. A win over the Pyros would have seen the Clansmen now sitting at 4-1. The loss to the Glasgow Tigers is the only down point in the Clansmen season so far.

19. Northampton Nemesis (4-0)

As our regular viewers should know we’re not big fans of Northampton, but boy do they keep on winning! A 21-19 victory over Leicester and the Derby loss has given Nemesis a real chance of finishing in the top 3 of the MAC conference. Let’s see if they can keep up the good form in the New Year!

20. Bangor Muddogs (3-1)

Bangor may well have risen this week had their game against Huddersfield not been postponed (guess that’s the downside of being in North Wales). After going two seasons without a win, no doubt the Muddogs will be happy to go into the Christmas break as the top team with a 3-1 record in the Northern Conference.

With a handful of games next week, make sure you tune in to see our final rankings of 2011.


  1. out of interest, where would you rank a team like plymouth?
    due to their location they always seem to be forgotten about..
    and after 2 big victories after losing by a combined 9 points in their first two games against the best 2 teams in the swac, surely they have to be inconsideration for the top 25 at least?

  2. Plymouth did pop up in the conversation about the top 20 and are definitely knocking on the door.

    With their schedule they should be able to make a run and appear in the rankings some time in the new year.

    They would be in a top 25 for sure.

  3. Hmm at the moment probably about 25th below Northumbria, Leeds, York and Carnegie. Looking at their schedule I wouldn't be surprised if they won out and finished 6-2.

  4. @ Richard, why the hating on NEMESIS?

    Is it because relative to other rookie programmes they're too good? Its not like they're a Man City/ London Blitz steam rolling opposition, every game they've had has been close and they've had to earn it the hard way?!

    Is it the fact that they're trying their hardest to be competitive?

  5. Pag the problem I have with the Nemesis is their poor schedule which could get them into the Championship Playoffs (2 associate teams, Worcester and Leicester).

    I don't have a problem with a rookie team winning, infact I thing its good for the BUAFL and mainly the MAC. I just want to see how they can perform against a playoff calibre team until I make a true judgement.

    If you boys keep on winning then I won't have a problem moving you up in the rankings.

    P.S. I'm not involved with all the haterade on the unofficial forum.

  6. Totally agree with Mr Pagett. As a undefeated team sitting at 4 and 0, they should be listed above anyone else who either doesn't have the same amount of wins, and should definetly be above anyone who has a loss. Shame on you for not listed them at number 10...

  7. I think that power ranking should be based on ability and performance of the team, rather than the outcome. Nemesis have a winning streak, but only just scraped a win by 2 points against the longhorns? I wouldn't class that as a team who is in the top 25 in the country! They have only one hard game, that's against the Outlaws in Feb.

  8. To the poster above. These aren't national rankings where teams go above other teams due to record. They're power rankings that take things such as strength of schedule into consideration.

    Northampton have the easiest schedule of pretty much any team in the BUAFL (definitely of any of the other top 20 teams). Therefore they are ranked lower.

    To be consdered a better team they will have to prove themselves against a better team, which if they run the table (entirely possible) and finish in the top 2 (Brum and Loughbrough will have to have at least one loss because they play each other) we will find out!

  9. Re the 13:47 comment - if you want rankings based on Win-Loss, the go on BUAFL website. These are power rankings, relative to a number of things (including opposition), and if I'm honest Northampton are overrated at #19. Yes they have a good record and have fought hard to win 4 in a row as a rookie team, but they have hardly been convincing.

    But then again, Derby seem pretty high based on result as opposed to the strength of opposition. Only a narrow win over NTU and a loss - albeit "controversial" (rules are rules) - to Notts...all they have proved is that they know how to beat up on third tier teams.

  10. Rich your misunderstanding me, I'm not complaining about the ranking itself, I too believe in the top twenty is pushing it, we're a rookie team that's come good through tough games vs. similar opposition. The team is doing remarkably well for a rookie team, is it overachieving? Why no, they are competing well at the introductory level that is expected. Do the NEMESIS claim to be better or equal to the excellent programs at Brum and Lug, no, but because we aspire to be, we have out competed some of the MAC teams who currently have losing records. We know we are yet to face the MAC teams with winning records, we are under no illusion how tough this will be. The fact that we're the new kid on the block and refuse to lie down and take a kicking we get all this hate? Really, I see us as the plucky underdog fighting above our weight rather than the undeserving posh kid born into entitlement and a playoff bound inheritence. Is is possible we can make the Playoffs? Yes, is it likely though? Well that depends on how we prepare for our final 4 games we have a lot of work to do.

  11. I dont think people are hating on Nemesis because of there easy schedule but rather because they sit a chance of entering into the playoff at the expense of either Luffbra or Brum. It makes no sens for them to get through to the playoffs just to be knocked out in the first round when either the Lions or Aces have a real chance of making it to the finals.

  12. 50% of the teams that qualify for the playoffs will "just" be knocked out in the first round, does that mean they don't deserve it either?

    But if we consider that the Final prize will be claimed by the justifiable champions of the UK, what does it matter who gets knocked out 1st round or before.....I could argue a team that doesn't make it doesn't deserve it.

    I understand quality of opponents is valid in any sport, but I for one will not be presuming we'll go 8-0, we'll be preparing the right way to try and make it happen....or we'll stand by the road and cheer as the winners go by.

  13. Pag I don't hate Nemesis, that's the main reason I don't join in the Nemesis bashing on the forums or don't partake in the BUAFL predictions.

    I just feel that with a tougher schedule you may not have gotten off to such a good start. If you guys win out and do well in the playoffs, I'll gladly admit that I was wrong and you're better than I thought.


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