Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 5 BUAFL Rankings 1-10

We take a look at the teams we consider to be the top 10 teams in the country at the moment in the second half of our power rankings. Despite all teams remaining unbeaten, we still see a small shuffle after this weekend’s fixtures.

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (4-0)

If there’s a university team in the country better than Herts I’ll eat my hat. The ‘Canes extend their run of scoring 50+ points to four straight games with a 54-6 win over LSBU this weekend. A matchup against the unbeaten Essex Blades will show if Herts are worthy of this ranking or just a bunch of hype, we expect them to still be sitting here next weekend.

2. Birmingham Lions (4-0)

With a 69-0 victory over the Staffordshire Stallions, the Lions move to the top spot of the MAC Conference, but more importantly move up to the number 2 spot in the Dbl Coverage rankings. Birmingham now have a long break to prepare for the Lincoln Colonials before two straight games against Derby and Loughborough which will define the outcome of the MAC.

3. Portsmouth Destroyers (4-0)

This may raise a few eyebrows and could generate some backlash, but this week we move the Destroyers down a position despite continuing their winning ways. Granted they beat another unbeaten rival and their D continued to dominate but we needed to see more from the U’s offence to retain the number 2 spot. At least they have plenty of time over the Christmas break to get the O firing on all cylinders before they face off against Solent Redhawks.

4. Loughborough Aces (4-0)

A week after conceding their first points of the season, the Aces D got back on track with another shutout performance, this week’s unfortunate victims were the Coventry Jets. A 48-0 win helps the Aces keep the momentum as they head into next weekend’s clash with the Derby Braves.

5. Hallam Warriors (4-0)

I really want to move Hallam up, I really do! Unfortunately even though the Warriors keep winning so do the teams placed above them. With a 52-13 win over Hull, Hallam continue to show they’re the best team in the Northern Conference and heading into their winter break Hallam find themselves sitting atop the national rankings and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the playoffs.

6. Southampton Stags (4-0)

There was no game for the team sitting at the top of the pile in the TVC this weekend. Southampton can consolidate their top spot in the TVC with a win of Anglia Ruskin next week, giving them a 5-0 record heading into the Winter break.

7. UWE Bullets (4-0)

You put a team on upset alert and they finally produce the blowout performance everyone was expecting! Despite the league not updating their win over Tarannau last week, UWE are 4-0 and have a chance of being 5-0 heading into the long break with a win away to Swansea next week.

8. Newcastle Raiders (4-0)

4-0, 214 points scored and 8 points conceded, sure must be fun being a Raiders player in the Borders conference. Looking at all the teams records the Raiders seem to be the #2 seed in the North side of the league, if they manage to keep up their dominating form, Newcastle may just earn a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

9. Kent Falcons (4-0)

Kent find themselves rising one place after winning the shootout in Greenwich this weekend. With their second straight win where they have posted 50 points Kent still remain unbeaten in the SEC. With Essex breathing down their necks, Kent will hope to continue their unbeaten ways when they re-start their campaign in February.

10. Sheffield Sabres (3-0)

The biggest benefiters of the Hull, Derby and OBU losses? The Sheffield Sabres of course. Despite not playing this week the Sabres rise three places and steal the final place in the top half of our rankings. A win over division whipping boys Lancaster next weekend and Sheffield will be tied at the top of the Northern Conference with Hallam making the steel city derby on February 5th even juicier.


  1. If the Bullets won with such a good result, and the Stags didn't play, why are they still the higher ranked team?

  2. Kent are in the SEC...Shame Essex and Kent don't meet, would make the conference more interesting

  3. Anon number 1. We have kept Stags higher as they have been consistantly dominating (except BNU) whilst UWE only showed their fire power this week. The ranking of Stags/Bullets was the one we debated the most and finally decided to keep the Stags at number 6.

    Anon number 2. You'd think our editor would've noticed that or I need to stop typing them up during the late NFL game so I don't get distracted. I've now edited my mistake.

  4. Hallam are a great team offensively (whatever doubts people have about DW they are well drilled and have grown into the system) but I do worry about there defence when it comes to bigger and better teams who are already have beaten by the memories of the defeats Hallam have inflicted on them in the past.

    The DW option attack is all Hallam have they did try to mix it up this weekend but that didnt go so well with interceptions and missed passes.

    There defence didnt do a good enough job to show me that they can go the whole way and win the Champonship (which as a Northern player I would love to see).

    As soon as one Touchdown was scored heads visibly went down on the sideline. I'll be watchng them vividly when they do get to the play offs to see how they do against the big boys.

  5. Richard can I get that "If there’s a university team in the country better than Herts I’ll eat my hat" in writing. Cos I know of 1 team that can rival the hurricanes

  6. To the anon above. It is in writing...

  7. Also the the final anon, I'd bet you haven't seen the 'Canes play this season, either, and are probably just shouting for your own team. I'm just hoping we get a Portsmouth vs. Hurricanes clash this season. Last season really missed a clash between that offense and the Pompey defense.


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