Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Top 5 NFL teams that we want to see in the International Series

With the recent news that next year’s NFL international series will feature the St Louis Rams and the New England Patriots and that the Rams will feature in the international series during 2013 and 2014, we decided to dedicate this week’s top five on the top five NFL teams we would like to see play over here in Britain.

Note: Teams who have already played in the UK will not be included on the list.

As per usual we mention the teams that just missed the cut.

Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta are the new Indianapolis Colts (win in the regular season, choke in the playoffs). The Falcons surprisingly have a big fan base in the UK so would draw interest from fans involved in Britball. If the NFL does eventually send the Falcons over to play in the international series then they might as well play the Carolina Panthers, which would mean all of the NFC South have visited London (ED: I doubt the NFL or the teams would want to lose a divisional rivalry game though).

Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers have a huge fan base in the UK, so it makes sense for Pittsburgh to come over and play in the UK! Fortunately for the Steelernation fans in the UK, Dan Rooney is the US Ambassador to Ireland and said there’s a possibility that Pittsburgh could play in Ireland, so who knows!?

5. New York Jets

 What would be more interesting to see? Fireman Ed trying to start a J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! Chant around Wembley or the Jets circus surrounded by the British media? I can imagine Rex Ryan on the media stage now “I guarantee we’re the best team in the UK and will win the international series”.

Whilst they may not have the best offence in the league, Darrelle Revis and the rest of the Jets defence would make sure the game is kept interesting and may not be as one sided as other games we’ve seen at Wembley (Pats-Bucs springs to mind). Even if the game was poor, the characters involved with the Jets would definitely keep their international series interesting for a week or two.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles, like the Jets are a walking circus of late with their extreme free agency moves to then sucking in the regular season and missing out on the playoffs. 

With one of, if not the most electrifying QB's in the league, watching the Eagles play in London would definitely be entertaining and if their D continues to perform like they did this season, the matchup would remain close throughout. The only problem we can see with this is the fact that the Philly fans wouldn’t accept their beloved team playing a home game in a different environment other than Lincoln Financial Field.

3. Baltimore Ravens
Unfortunately for fans of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed the chances of seeing these two future hall of famers play in the UK may have ended with the news that the Ravens aren’t playing in the international series next season. After further checking Baltimore won’t be squaring off against the Rams until 2015.

Despite having players such as Lewis, Reed, Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs, the Ravens still seem to have a smaller fan base in the UK compared to other teams, but this could be more down to the fact that the Ravens have only been a team since 1996. However for fans of hard hitting defences and top class rushing offences the Ravens are the perfect choice to play in the UK. Imagine a Baltimore – Pittsburgh matchup at Wembley!

2. Green Bay Packers
Imagine being this fan, but at Wembley as a Packers player creates the Wembley leap (that's a long leap...)! 

The Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL, even if they did fall a little short this year. Their offence, led by Alex Smith lookalike Aaron Rodgers, is easily one of the best in the league and their defence (although shaky this year) is normally one of the best as well.

If the Packers were to come over and play in the UK then the NFL would have to give them a worthy opponent, ideally the Patriots, Saints or the Lions so the game would be a shootout instead of a comprehensive victory for the Packers. Either way we need a discount double check in the UK!

1. Houston Texans

Houston Texans over the Green Bay Packers? Yes! The Texans are the best up and coming team in the NFL at the moment and could potentially be the team to beat in the next few years (re-signing Mario Williams in the offseason will dramatically improve the team’s chances of winning a Super Bowl).

With players like Andre Johnson, Arian Foster and Brian Cushing leading the youthful Texans, fans would get the opportunity to see some of the best players in the league currently performing in their prime (anyone who say’s Cushing is only good because of performance enhancing drugs will be banished!)

However despite having a top ranked O and D, the Texans seem to have a little fan base in the UK, probably because they have sucked for numerous years and quite a few fans this side of pond don’t pay much attention to losing teams (unless you’re a Bucs fan...)

Looking at the Rams fixtures for the next two seasons our predictions for the next two teams we will actually see gracing Wembley are the Seattle Seahawks (would they give up their 12th man at Qwest field?) and the Dallas Cowboys, what do you think of “Americas team”gracing the Wembley turf?


  1. Seattle won't give up a home game, because the Rams are giving up a home game for the next three years that is the point.

    As for who I would like to see at Wembley, it is the Rams. A team willing to do this for the next three years deserves to establish some sort of international fan base. I know that the pats will have more fans there because English fans are glory supporters particularly when they are called the new ENGLAND patriots.

    I will always be a Steelers fan, but will gladly support the Rams as much if I thought there was a chance that we could have a London franchise!

  2. eagles fan myself would love see them at wembley

  3. Will be Rams vs Pats this year...then can see Rams vs Seattle, Cleveland, Jacksonville the year after.

    I would love to see GB play at wembley but unlikely...i expect to either see mid range teams such as the Browns vs the Rams to keep games fair...while this year the PAts will destroy them


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