Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Weekly Top 5: Top 5 Football Purchases

When I was a student, January meant a few things. Module results and retakes, raiding the parent’s cupboards and fridges for food before moving back to uni and most importantly... the next instalment of my student loan to spend on new gear for the year.

This week’s top 5 focuses on the things to spend your student loan on instead of module books (disclaimer – If you do actually waste your money and are unable to get the books required, Dbl Coverage will not be held responsible if you fail).

As usual we start with a few things that didn’t make the cut.

Cleats – With most players preferring to use football/rugby boots, cleats are a luxury instead of a necessity. With the choice over a variety of cleats and some specific to certain positions, there’s a variety of cleats to waste your money on for 2012 including Nikes latest Vapor Talon Elite.

Pointless Accessories – Bicep bands, neck collars, eye black, hand warmers, etc are all items that aren’t required, but everyone still loves to buy them. Therefore with money in the bank it’s now time to buy more accessories to the collection.

Nothing says awesome like three bicep bands on each arm, eye black and a cowboy collar!

5. Gloves

Apart from QB’s it’s quite rare to see a player not wearing gloves during a game, therefore if your gloves are looking rather ruined it’s time for new ones. Nowadays there are different gloves for each position. Remember that there is actually a ruling which says gloves can only be black, white or grey (pink is also allowed), so no matter how flashy the gloves look remember to get gloves that are allowed within the rules.

4. Visor
Normally visors would be included in pointless accessories, but personally that’s not the case as a visor always needs to be purchased when the opportunity arises. Unless you have an eye condition visors are only purchased as a fashion accessory  (and protecting your eyes of course...) for players all around the country, but we all know if you look good you feel good and play good!

Darkened visors: Not allowed

3. Shoulder Pads
Obviously you can’t play contact football without shoulder pads. Unless you go to a university where the SU take the American Football team seriously and supply them funding for kit, you will most likely have to end up paying for your own shoulders pads (and even if you get them supplied, it’s better to buy your own). You can purchase shoulder pads specific to your individual position and play in comfort (a WR wearing lineman pads would be quite stupid) with the more expensive varieties using materials like Carbon fibre to lighten and strengthen them. 

2. Gym Membership
It may be a surprise that it’s placed higher than shoulder pads, but let’s be honest, to be good at American Football you need to go to the gym. Previously playing at the University level it was obvious to see who didn’t go to the gym as they were injured during EVERY GAME with pathetic injuries and always got overpowered by more athletic players. So if you want to be one of the top players in the country, spend your money on a gym membership if you don’t have one.

Every gym should be like DeFrancos
1. Helmet
The most important item to buy with your money? A helmet of course! If you currently have a subpar helmet (rated in these rankings, it may be time to buy a new one. We need to remember that a majority of the people in the UK play this sport for fun, not for a living, so spending a bit of money on a 4*+ ranked helmet is much better than a head injury for majority of the season and the possibility of long term effects later in life. 

Riddell 360 Speed is the latest helmet on the market.

Kit can be bought from a variety of suppliers, including (but not exclusive to...):  (European based supplier)


  1. Visors MUST be clear!!!

  2. Does anyone have any idea/rational explanation what bicep bands are for?

  3. Not sure of the exact rule but gloves can basically be any colour, including the other team's colour.

  4. Last year's rulebook said gloves should be grey (rule 1-4-3-d), HOWEVER the 2012 rulebook (which comes into effect for the senior season) now states there is no restriction on glove colour (rule 1-4-6-b-1).

  5. bicep bands can stop sweat from dripping down your forearm and creating a slippery surface which could lead to fumbles. However to most obvious purpose is to look good.

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  8. Alpha - cleats, gloves, accessories, uniforms, merch, all made by a British manufacturer! Not a seller, but actual manufacturer. Kit is featured in the Polish Elite league, numerous GFL teams and heading into Canada and USA. AND reigning BUAFL champions Hertfordshire Hurricanes!


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