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BUAFL Match Report: Stingers Stung by Buccaneers

Another quality report from BNU including video highlights

After their heartbreaking loss to the Team Solent Redhawks, BNU came to Surrey with the intention of getting back to winning ways.  Having lost a number of offensive starters for the season this was a good chance to get the replacements up to game speed in time for their big clash with arch rivals Reading on the 4th of March.

Surrey are sitting at the bottom of the TVC their injury and number woes highlighted last week when they forfeited at half time to the conference champions Southampton.  They had started the game with 19, but by half time they had the heart but not the numbers to continue.

BNU travelled to Guildford with 29 kitted.  Though a lot were on reduced carries due to still being banged up from Solent.  Surrey took to the field with 15. As there was no BAFRA cover, coaches from both sides assisted the Kingston Cougars staff with the officiating let by Phil De Monte:

Surrey won the toss and elected to receive.  Stingers QB Will Anderson took to the field with the offence  but they punted on 4th and 22 to the BNU 41. BNU didn’t come out in their standard Double Wing, instead surprising Surrey by coming out on offence with WR's and spreading the ball around.  When they used the Double Wing it was to go airborne.  The 9 play 49 yard drive ended with a 6 yard passing TD from QB George Woolger to James Donz. Donz also added the 2 points.

Surrey then bounced back to 3rd and 1 but fumbled the ball away to BNU, recovered by rookie LB Mackenzie West.  BNU rotated the backfield and this time it only took 3 plays to go the 33 yards.  This time with rookie TE Bobby Dickinson who caught his first ever TD.

A 6 play drive from Surrey then pinned BNU back to their own 23 and ended the quarter.  With so many running plays and completed passes the quarter finished with only 100 yards of offence from both sides.

A 5 play BNU drive ended in Surrey territory when a fumbled counter was pounced on by the eagle eyed Surrey defence. The Stingers couldn’t turn this into yardage and punted on 4th and 14. A decent bounce and good coverage downed the ball at the BNU 6 yard line.  With their backs to the wall BNU sent on their starting offence in the Double Wing to get them out of the hole and on the first play BNUs leading rusher Danny Wallace went for 54 yards, but the sprained ankle he picked up against Solent hampered his speed and he was caught by the safety.  He only had 9 carries on the day for 169 yards and 1 TD.

4 plays and 30 yards later Woolger once again passed to TE Dickinson for his 2nd TD of the day this time from 3 yards out.  Durwane Watson added the 2 points.  A great return by Surrey and a 15 yard facemask penalty added on to the end of the run put the Stingers on the BNU 31 yard line.  The BNU defence stepped up pushed the Stinger back to 4th and 15 from 2nd and 1.  Will Anderson being brought down twice from behind on options and going incomplete on 4th down.  Surrey were soon back on the field after another BNU fumble.  This time on the BNU 43.

Both sides then put together long but error filled and fruitless drives.  The HT score was Surrey 0-24 BNU.

BNU received to start the 2nd half.  A short kick away from the returners was nearly botched and recovered but instead gave BNU a shortish field to work with.  The Double Wing came out with an inexperienced backfield but they were well drilled and a 49 yard 5 play drive ended in Woolger passing to Dickinson for the rookie’s 3rd receiving TD of the day and his season.  The catch and run impressed the coaches with his ability to turn and beat defenders for the TD.

The subsequent drive was ended with an interception from Chris Geldard.  The 2nd year player made the switch to defence from RB at the start of the year and has won MVPs the last 2 matches.

BNU started in their own half but came out in a wide formation to stretch the defence.  The 5 play drive ended with a cheeky trick play to TE Charlie Anderson for his first ever TD and George Woolgers 5th of the day.

With the momentum firmly with BNU Surrey took to the air once more.  Rookie DB Matt Crunden pulled in a highlight 1 handed interception

With the heat and numbers taking a toll on both sides the Stingers started to pull up.  Stingers captain Centre/NT Tom Hall going down twice in the 3rd but every time getting back up and coming back onto the field after a 1 play rest.

Another BNU TD went in from Donz, the first of the day on the ground and the field goal unit came on to practice the extra points.  A high scooped kick from Wallace made the score 43-0 to the visitors.  Surrey put together a 5 play drive using the option before turning over on downs at the BNU 17.  BNU rotated their backfield once more but with a familiar outcome.  Confusion with the play call and a fumble recovered by Surrey gave them a 1st down on the BNU 13 yard line.

The BNU defence held strong and turned the ball over on downs, giving the ball straight back to the BNU offence, who started on their own 17 with 9 minutes left in the game.  An intentional grounding call gave BNU 4th and 11 on their own 16 but a strong play got the 11 yards for a first down.  The offence then fought their way to the Surrey 20 yard line before their 5th fumble of the day gave the ball back to the Stingers once again.

With this turn of events the Stingers put together a drive of 9 plays, but it ended when Will Anderson was picked off for the 3rd time, rookie TE Bobby Dickinson had stepped in at Safety and was opportunistic in his play.  A 38 yard TD from Danny Wallace finished off the scoring leaving Surrey to run a gutsy 2 minute drill.

Time ran out for the Stingers after 20 yards, but the final drive summed up the attitude Surrey brought to the game.  The match ended 51-0 to BNU.

Surrey Head Coach Shariff Omar had this to say:

“I was extremely proud of the effort my boys put in with a squad of 15 players.  Everyone went both ways and never gave up. The final score did not reflect the heart my players demonstrated and the many positive things they displayed on the field of play. BNU had a very strong running game which they ran and executed consistently throughout the game. On defense they played aggressive / physical football. Overall, it was one of those games where both teams fought hard, played physical and could be proud that they had done their complete best once the final whistle blew.”

 BNU Head Coach Luke Plastow:

“We came here needing a win.  There were 2 ways we could have gone about getting it.  I am proud of the team for the way they handled the situation.  It was a fun game all round and the heart the Surrey guys showed was outstanding.  The Buccaneers respected that having had a similar game last week with low numbers and injuries.  With 19 guys last week and 15 this week they’ve stood toe to toe with the 2 highest scoring offences in the TVC and not given up.

We got a lot of game time for players this week who have not had a lot of reps recently.  There are guys who stepped up today and put their name in the hat for starting positions next week.  We also showed that we have a passing game and will use it when necessary.  It’s given our guys a lot of confidence in it and especially the TEs.”

BNU finished the day on 460 yards compared to Surrey's 53.  Surrey won the turnover battle 6-5 but could not punch it in the endzone.  George Woolger went 5-7 for 33 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Will Anderson was 1-14 for 10 yards.  The leading rushers were Danny Wallace 9-169, 1 TD and James Donz 11-147, 1TD.  Game MVP was Bobby Dickinson who caught 3 TDs for 23 yards as well as an interception and 2 tackles.

On another note it was the last time long time coach Gary Lake would be with the team.  Gary joined the team in 2007 at the end of BNUs foundation year.  He started off as DB coach progressing through to special teams and now defence.  After the game the Buccaneers held a special presentation for him.

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