Saturday, 18 February 2012

BUAFL Week 10 predictions: SWAC

To sate your thirst for BUAFL banter, we present to you the SWAC predictions!

Bath Spa Bulldogs @ Tarannau
Two of the weakest teams in the Conference match up in Week 10 neither of these teams is setting the league alight. Both are weak in all areas, Bath are a new team developing at a slower rate than the middle of the conference.

Aber, well they are not the force of old, things are desperate on the West coast of Wales, this is probably their best chance of a win but that is not likely Bath Spa have shown they can score points against poor opposition and Aber just can’t score.
Bulldogs to win by 2 scores.  

UWE Bullets @ Exeter Demons
Huge game for the Demons! a win here will throw them right back into the mix and ramp up the pressure on UWE, another perfect season could be ruined. Cuda managed to make their defense look mortal last time out while the Demons were losing to local Devon rivals the Blitz. That was a tight game decided by the special teams of the Blitz winning out.

That single wing offense can really test your preparation, so I think this is the game where UWE  need to bring their A game which will be enough to turn over the Demons.  UWE have been known to be vulnerable at this time in the season but Exeter are not quite at that level this year so Bullets to remain undefeated and set up the Conference clash v the Cobras next week. 
UWE by 2 scores

Bristol Barracuda @ Bath Killer Bees
A fairly even matchup in the SWAC but a contrast in styles between the Killer Bees and Cuda. Killer Bees will be looking to make it to the postseason after narrowly missing out last year and with a big matchup against Plymouth on Wednesday afternoon they will be looking to make a statement.

Cuda started to fall apart before Christmas with big losses to Plymouth and Cardiff but appear to be reborn after the break holding the conference leading Bullets to a much lower score than expected.

Ultimately this is going to come down to Cuda's running game with #35 Stuart Mchutchon vs Bath's fast defense, brute force and ignorance vs speed and agility. Bath's offense is all a bit too finesse but then the Cuda D give up on plays. Overall i think Cuda try to bully the Bees and succeed.
Cuda by a score

Cardiff Cobras @ Swansea Titans
This was the shock loss that sparked the Cobras into a 12 game trophy winning run last year and Swansea are better this year than last. That ended any hope of aproper post season for the Cobras and defeat on Sunday this year will do the same after the another shock loss this time to the Demons last time out.

Shock losses have a tendency to wake up teams that are coasting and I think this is the case with Cardiff, they will come ready for this one and I think have too much pace for Swansea. 
Cardiff by 1 score.

Gloucester Gladiators @ OBU Panthers
OBU are flying high in the TVC at the moment and the rest of their schedule after this game could see them cement themselves as a play off certainty with games against fellow TVC teams Reading, Imperial and Brunel.

Gloucester have struggled badly this season, with rumours around that they are starting a mostly rookie team, questions have to be asked about their recruitment, as well as the ability of the coaches to rotate freshers into the game to get them experience. The disparity in records show that this could be a bloodbath.
OBU by 4 scores.


  1. no prediction for blitz mid week game

  2. ditto the above.............did Willy-T write this for you?

  3. No Willy-T didn't write it he is usually more accurate than that, last time I back the bristol teams!!!


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