Monday, 27 February 2012

Week 11 BUAFL Rankings: Rankings 16-25

Several teams featured in last week’s power rankings lost this week to shake things up and the added influence of the midweek games sees some old face return to the only weekly power rankings for British American Football. 

16. Plymouth Blitz (5-3)
Despite beating the Killer Bees 8-0 during the week, Plymouth remains in the lower section of our power rankings after this weekend’s loss to the Exeter Demons. Despite their regular season now being completed, Plymouth has locked up a spot in the post season due to their head to head victory over Bath.

17. Solent Redhawks (5-3)
Apart from the unbeaten teams, is there currently a more inform team in BUAFL right now other than the Solent Redhawks? After starting 0-3, Solent finished their season by winning their fifth straight game to hopefully claim a spot in the plate playoff places. All signs suggest that they will be playing football in March.

18. Cardiff Cobras (4-2)
It’s quite a slide this week for the Cobras as they lost 22-0 to conference rivals UWE to end their SWAC title hopes, and most likely ending their hopes of participating in the championship playoffs this year. If the Cobras do want to reclaim the number two spot then they’ll need to win both of their remaining games whilst hoping for an Exeter loss.

19. Leeds Carnegie (4-2-1)
A week after manhandling the Sheffield Sabres, the Carnegie got a taste of their own medicine as they were heavily defeated by the Hallam Warriors. It looks like even if they win their next game, Leeds will be missing out on the playoffs due to the tie. Who would’ve guessed that it would come back to haunt them at the end of the season?

20. Kent Falcons (4-2)
Two straight...two straight…Kent have been upset in their last two games against teams who had losing records at the time. Before the snow messed up the schedule, the Falcons had a chance of upsetting the Hurricanes and winning the SEC crown, but now they’re all but out of the championship playoffs and aren’t guaranteed a spot in the plate playoffs.

21. Northumbria Mustangs (5-2)
Northumbria had a real chance to move up in our power rankings if they were able to overcome the Stirling Clansmen, but for the Mustangs it wasn’t to be. Should the Mustangs defeat the Durham Saints in the final game of their season, Northumbria will finish 6-2 and could possibly claim a first round bye in the plate playoffs.

22. Nottingham Outlaws (4-2)
The Outlaws finally make it onto our power rankings as they played the villain by beating Northampton Nemesis and ending their unbeaten season dreams. With the ‘Robin Hood Bowl’ destined to decide which Nottingham team will be taking part in the playoffs, the Outlaws will be gunning for a victory so they can return to the playoff scene after missing out last year.

23. Bangor Muddogs (4-2)
The Muddogs make a return to our power rankings with an OT victory against Tarannau. Whilst there are slim hopes for Bangor to make the playoffs, the odds of them getting both games completed are rather slim which could affect their conference rankings at the end of the season. At least the Muddogs are guaranteed a .500 or better season after two straight years of 0-8.

24. UEA Pirates (4-3)
The Pirates make a return after a few weeks out after defeating the Cambridge Pythons 42-26. If the Pirates are hoping to hold onto the final play off spot in the SEC then UEA will need to defeat Kings College in the final game of their regular season.

25. Reading Knights (4-3)
Despite losing this weekend, the Knights survived the cut and remain in our power rankings mainly because they lost by one score (and only the Killer Bees could’ve claimed this final spot). In the mess that is known as the TVC playoff race, Reading are clinging onto the number four spot thanks to their better W-L record against common opponents.


  1. bangor have a double header vs huddersfield and liverpool on sunday so will finish all their fixtures :)

    1. If liverpool bother turning up....

  2. Not up on all the tie-breakers, but will Bangor wins both games next Sunday (likely), will they not take the last place in the Plate behind Sabres? Quite an achievement given their terrible previous seasons - have they got some new coaches/superstar recruits?

    1. same coaching staff just hard work and a great program

    2. Plus an ncaa div1 rb...

  3. bangor will sneak in just if they win both their remaining games

    1. I understand the triple header with Bangor, Huddersfield and Liverpool is taking place at Burnedge RUFC in Manchester, home of both the Eagles and the Tyrants who kick off at 3.00pm on Sunday. I believe the first part of the triple header is due to kick off at 11.00am, can anyone confirm and let us know who Bangor are playing first?

      5 teams at Burnedge - should be cosy!!!!

    2. 3pm kick-off in early March? Will be pushing the light a bit if there is any kind of delay in any of the three games going on that day - quite possible given that most of those teams seem pretty evenly matched (read; poor), plus any kind of dressing room delays / injuries (hopefully not).

    3. Light is an issue although the 3G pitch which they play on has floodlights.

      Someone has said today that Bangor will play one half against one team and the second half against the other!!!!! And class them as two results, is rhat right?

    4. yes double header matches happen quite often in the last two years. instead of four 12 minute quarters each team play two 15 minute quarters and thus can then fit in the other match. It works quite well as all teams can use the same ambulance crew and referees.

  4. the SEC is in total mess and will prob come down to common opponents, uea wit a win over kcl will go 5-3 kcl could still go 5-3 if they win over uea. kent mite go 5-3 and either greenwich or Canterbury can end up 5-3 all who will be left in the place off race will be seen next week.

  5. Leeds met would win over the tie with bradford........As they beat sabres and points but am unsure if i'm forgetting something. Shame tbh as i feel leeds and bradford deserve it.

    The change in bangor i think is due to a different playing style and nice recruitment of talent. (this is just what i noticed so could be wrong)


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