Monday, 27 February 2012

Week 11 BUAFL Rankings: Rankings 1-15

The second half of our power rankings sees a number of teams in the early teens moving around, but the conference champs remain in the same position for another week.

1. Birmingham Lions (7-0)
The Lions hold onto the number one spot in our power rankings with a 62-0 victory over the Warwick Wolves. Not only did the win confirm that the Lions will be playing in the championship playoffs for another consecutive season, but more importantly, Birmingham won the MAC title after finishing second last year. Only Derby can try and end the Lions unbeaten regular season.

2. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (7-0)
Another year, another SEC crown for the guys in green as the ‘Canes continued their regular season dominance with a 55 point victory over the Greenwich Mariners. A victory over conference rivals Kent should see the Hurricanes claim the number one seed in the southern half of the playoff standings.

3. Hallam Warriors (7-0)
With two games against top tier teams from the Northern Conference in five days, the Hallam Warriors showed they’re ready for any challenge as they head towards the post season. A come from behind victory over the Sabres and a blowout victory against Carnegie sees the Warriors retain their Northern Conference crown for another season.

4. Southampton Stags (8-0)
Can you say 8 and ohhhhh? Well the Stags can, as they completed their regular season unbeaten with a two score victory over rivals Portsmouth. Southampton are one of only two teams from the southern section who remain unbeaten and they’re guaranteed a first round bye and home field advantage (for one game) come playoff time.

5. Loughborough Aces (6-1)
The Aces remain in our top five with a 34-7 victory over the NTU Renegades on Saturday. With Northampton falling at the hands of the Nottingham Outlaws, Loughborough now find themselves back in the championship playoffs seeds. With the Longhorns the only team left on the Aces schedule, don’t be surprised to see them remain in our top five next week.

6. Newcastle Raiders (8-0)
The first team from the northern half of BUAFL to go 8 and 0 are the Newcastle Raiders as they completed their season with a 12-0 win over the Glasgow Tigers. With an dominating average points conceded record, Newcastle have locked up a top two playoff seed and a first round bye.

7. Hull Sharks (6-1)
Due to all of their playoff rival opponents playing each other, the Sharks are now in the driving seat to be representing the Northern Conference in the championship playoffs with the Hallam Warriors. A comprehensive win over the York Centurions (33-6) proved of all the Hull doubters on our Northern predictions comments section wrong.

8. UWE Bullets (7-1)
The Bullets retained their SWAC title for another year, as they recovered from their loss to Exeter by defeating the Cardiff Cobras 22-0. Despite missing out on a first round bye for the playoffs (barring a huge collapse by Herts), UWE will still have home field advantage for the first round of the post season.

9. OBU Panthers (5-1)
With a well fought 7-0 victory over conference rivals Reading Knights, the Panthers gave themselves breathing room from the rest of the TVC opposition who are in the hunt for the number two spot from the conference. For OBU, all they need is a win over Brunel or Imperial to lock up their place in the championship playoffs.

10. Stirling Clansmen (6-1)
Stirling break into our top 10 with another blowout victory as well as the three teams ranked at the 10, 11 and 12 spots losing this weekend. The Clansmen 42-8 victory over playoff rivals Northumbria locks up a spot in the championship playoffs for the 2011/12 season.

11. Sheffield Sabres (6-2)
This time last week, the Sabres season looked like it could’ve been in serious danger of collapsing after all of their good work, but after taking Hallam to the brink before losing by one point, the Sabres got their claim for a plate playoff spot back into the swing of things by defeating the Bradford Bears 14-6.

12. Exeter Demons (5-2)
Supposedly we don’t show the Demons enough respect (we coined DemonMagic!) despite the fact they keep upsetting teams the higher ranked teams by one point. A 14-6 win over the Plymouth Blitz sees the Demons breaking into our top 15 for the first time this season, but more importantly for this third year team, this win means they’re now setting up camp at the number two spot in the SWAC.

13. Essex Blades (5-1)
We’re not sure whether the Blades are that good to be 5-1 and represent the SEC in the championship playoffs to face off against the bigger boys of BUAFL, or if they’ve just benefited from having to play only two teams with winning records? Either way, the Blades are now sitting pretty for the number two spot after Kent fell victim to an upset loss for the second straight week, and the Blades defeated the Brunel Burners 25-0.

14. Bradford Bears (5-2-1)
The Bears would have probably dropped further down our rankings if majority of the teams in the lower half of the rankings hadn't have lost this weekend. They finished their rookie season with a loss at the hands of the Sheffield Sabres, but the Bears shouldn't be disappointed as they still finished with winning record in their first year.

15. Northampton Nemesis (5-1)
Well the dream is finally over... The Nemesis won’t be going unbeaten this year after losing 21-0 to the Nottingham Outlaws. Just like the Bears, Northampton would be lower down in the rankings if the teams below them hadn’t have lost this week. With two games left in the season, it’s time for the Nemesis to dust themselves off and continue to play like they did before this weekend’s game as they head towards the plate playoffs.


  1. Supposedly? You've been calling the Demons 'lucky' since their victory over Cardiff. Truth is, if you watched them play, you'd know that if they can avoid some small errors on special teams and unnecessary penalties, they'll bring the fight to anyone. And so what if they get the win by a single point in the dying seconds? A win is a win, and the Demons will be fighting for it more than any other team.

  2. lucky or not. in the power rankings demons are exactly where they belong ive played against you this season and i think this is a fair evaluation of where your team stands.

  3. Stirling are not one of the 10 best teams in the country....

  4. errr.... Northampton still in top 15 yet the team that beat them (comfortably despite playing 2nd and 3rd string players) is not?!?!?! Don't worry we didn't get any respect when we beat Derby earlier in the season and we don't expect any until we beat Trent on Friday night...

    PS No disrepect to Northampton meant - they will certainly be a force in the future and a really good bunch of guys but they do need to get more experience playing teams that are featured in the powerLESS ranking.

  5. * Obviously I meant more teams NOT featured in the powerless ranking

  6. Do not under estimate Stirling. They are a good unit, well drilled and very effective.

    Hull must be loving the fact their first round playoff game is against hallam. Not sure they have enough to beat them... no I defo dont think they have enough.

    If things go to predictions I am looking forward to Newcastle Hallam. That will be brutal.

    Sheffield need to find the varsity spirit. If they do they will make the plate final.

    Bradford have done a great job this year. They may not have played the biggest fish in their pond but they acquited themselves well all year. can only get better.

    Can York spoil the party. Doubt it as they face Hallam next week. Wont end well.

    Northampton showed that Double wing unless run by a really good unit with some plan B and C will come unstuck against a prepared defence. they had a good run against some poor opposition but they will improve.

  7. Considering that the difference between OBU and Reading was 7 points in a very close game and that OBU had a soft schedule I'm supprsed to see the two teams so far apart in the rankings.


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