Friday, 2 March 2012

Our MAC predictions. Those Outlaws are going to be tired! (we still don't have a borders writer., nudge nudge, wink wink...)

Nottingham Outlaws @ Coventry Jets
The Jets will enter this game flying high on confidence following last week’s win over DMU, while the Outlaws attitude towards this fixture will depend entirely on Friday night’s result.  An Outlaws win on Friday night will earn them a Plate spot without a down being played, so starters may be rested.

Coventry have stagnated a little this season, and will no doubt be disappointed by their lack of progress in the second year in BUAFL.  They would have to be at their best to compete with even a dejected Outlaws side, so this one should see Nottingham round off the regular season in style.
Nottingham by four scores

Lincoln Colonials @ Northampton Nemesis
This wouldn’t have been picked out as a glamour fixture pre-season, but after the Nemesis’ flying start was brought to a halt in Nottingham last week, Northampton enter this game knowing that a loss will see them miss out on a first round bye in the plate.

Lincoln meanwhile have faced a raft of postponements, forfeitures and disappointments in 2011/12, and will probably be glad to see the back of a troubled campaign.  To their credit, Lincoln have stifled Leicester’s Double Wing this season, but you would expect the Nemesis to bounce back from last week’s loss and earn a first round bye in the Plate with a win.
Northampton by two scores

Worcester Royals @ Bath Spa Bulldogs
Worcester, Worcester, Worcester, let me count the ways I pity thee.  Rock bottom of our Powerless Rankings, without a point on offence since mid-November and conceding an average of 49 points a game over their last three matches, there really is no hope for the Royals.  Or is there?

SWAC strugglers Bath Spa also made an appearance in our bottom 15 last week, and have picked up just a solitary win this season.  Worcester knows that this game is likely to be their only remaining chance to get a one in the W column, and will certainly be up for the challenge, but the Bulldogs’ much improved showing against Varsity rivals Bath Killer Bees in Week 12 suggests that they should be too strong for the Royals.  Worcester to score, but not many.
Bath Spa by three scores

Loughborough Aces @ Leicester Longhorns
Well this one sadly isn't going to be tough to call, The Aces need to win the remainder of their games and with their triple option running game looking pretty consistent it seems likely they will succeed. Loughborough will be breathing a sigh of relief now that Northampton's unbelievable run has come to an end as they will be competing in the Championship playoffs once more.

The Aces are the first team to put 2 touchdowns on The Lions and we don’t see Leicester with their current not so impressive record of 3-3 putting up much of a fight
The Aces by 28

Derby Braves @ Birmingham Lions
Birmingham coming off the back of a win against Warwick Wolves where they played mostly backups and Derby coming of the back of an upset loss to York this game shouldn’t be a big competition. We would suspect The Lions will be using this game as a warm-up for the first week of the Playoffs.

Rumors of Derby’s injury ridden roster were confirmed 2 weeks ago when they lost to York the same week that Birmingham we’re proving to be the strongest team in the MAC. An interesting factor to this game may be that both teams are known for being the better passing teams in the BUAFL. The Lions looking strong at the quarterback position with Jonny Glover and Sope Dirisu and Derby being represented by Joe Brammer. If Derby can ignite the flare that we saw at the start of the season then they might be able to score, if not we expect this game to be a pretty tough ride for Derby.
Birmingham to win by 18


  1. No NTU vs DMU?

  2. Stallions vs Lancers?

  3. You forgot Alex "Flacco" Wake (Lions QB3) played second half of Warwick match.

  4. Watch for Lincoln springing a surprise or two and beating Northampton. They stopped Leicester this season already and I think they'll be capable of stopping DW again. Plus, I think their offense has more than just one playmaker on it. There are plenty of decent weapons on the ground and in the air.

  5. I don't think the Lincoln v Leicester result can be used as any evidence for Lincoln stopping DW, it was Leicester's first ever came in the DW

  6. Northern Predictions?

  7. They don't do northern predictions because just like BUAFL they only care for the south.


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