Thursday, 15 November 2012

Statement on Recent issues

To our adoring (and less adoring) readers.

We would like to apologise for the recent cacophony of rubbishness that has  been our attempts at running our site. The constant outages and crashes frustrate us as well as you and does not match up to the high quality (stop sniggering at the back) service we provide.

First of all, an explanation.

A couple of weeks ago before xpLosION we had a major outage that we believe was a result of a hacker. The hacker has completely messed up (that's putting it politely)the current new website with all it's shiney tables and contenty goodness.

We have tried resolving the issue, but the only solution we think is viable is to close the site down for a few weeks and re build a new one. Don't worry, Gentlemen we can rebuild him, we have the technology!

In the meanwhile we're going to go old school. Yes, that's right, for all our newer readers this is where it all began over a year ago! It may seem a little dusty, but the old girl still has legs and more importantly is pretty reliable when it comes down to nasty little things like hosting and loading etc.

Please bear with us while we work through the issues with the old site and enjoy the standard content we will be putting out in the future.

Hugs and kisses

The Double Coverage Team

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