Thursday, 15 November 2012

BAFA Uni Football Week Two Powerless Rankings

Two weeks of Uni ball are done and dusted, and as per usual, we’ve seen upsets, comprehensive losses, postponements, and a whole lot of results that many people expected!

Now it’s time for what everyone enjoys – us naming and shaming the underperforming teams within the league.

Before we can begin our rankings, we have the name the teams have receive dishonourable mentions this week!

Sunderland Spartans and Durham Saints – Come on you guys, you’re all supposed to be young adults who are responsible for your own actions. Let’s not turn a Double Coverage status into an argument over a pitch. This is all I can say to the situation - 

Anglia Ruskin Phantoms – Granted, it’s a sad loss when the league loses any team, but this is a team who didn’t partake in the 2010/11 season before going 0-8 in the 2011/12 season. The main reason the Phantoms make this list though, is for the fact they folded during the season meaning a number of team’s plans in the SEC will be disrupted as new fixtures are sorted out. I just hope no teams had already booked their transport to the ARU game...

Any other team with an 0-2 record – If I had the time, I’d put you all on this list!

10. Edinburgh Predators (0-2)

If you recall last week’s powerless rankings, I stated that I don’t believe that the Edinburgh Predators are one of the top ten worst teams in the league. But, as I sit here stroking my beard and looking at the Predators 0-2 record, I’m starting to believe that my statement may be have been too rash, and that I was expecting the Predators to repeat or improve upon their 5-3 record from last season. Now, there is a chance that they may improve on their record, but when you’re losing in over-time to a team that gave up a 100 burger the week before; questions will be raised upon the team.

A victory over the Pyros will remove the Predators from our rankings and start to restore normality north of the border.

Next game – vs. UWS Pyros – 18th November

9. Newcastle Raiders (0-2)

When a team starts the pre-season as the number five rank in the country, we’re expecting big things from them (granted, this was before Coach Rooney left the Raiders.) Two games into the season, the Raiders find themselves 0-2 for the first time in a long time (if anyone knows the last time the Raiders were 0-2, please comment below!) And it’s because of these early losses that the Newcastle Raiders season may be all but over. 

Not to worry Raiders fans and alum around the world, Newcastle square off against the Teesside Cougars this upcoming weekend looking to re-discover their scoring form from previous years. Currently averaging just three points a game isn’t a good sign for the Raiders new coaching staff.

Next game – vs. Teesside Cougars – 18th November

8. Greenwich Mariners (0-1)

Despite no game at the weekend, the Mariners remain in our powerless rankings due to their 57-0 drubbing the week before against the Kent Falcons. Greenwich square off against the Westminster Dragons this weekend, where a victory would guarantee their removal from the powerless rankings this time next week.

Next game – vs. Westminster Dragons – 18th November

7. Surrey Stingers (0-1)

Is seven too high for the Stingers? Most likely, but they find themselves at this spot for their first appearance on the powerless rankings for the 2012/13 season. If the Stingers follow the phrase “start as you mean to go on”, it could be a long season for the team from Surrey as they fell 39-0 against the Reading Knights. It’s not all doom and gloom though, the Stingers do have a chance to claim their first win in two seasons when they take on the Solent Redhawks this weekend...

Next game – vs. Solent Redhawks – 18th November

6. Oxford Lancers (0-2)

As I pointed out last week, it is kind of harsh to put a rookie team in our powerless rankings, but the Lancers find themselves making an appearance for a second consecutive week. After calling their game against Team Solent due to having (roughly) 13 fit players remaining, it’ll be interesting to see if the Lancers can complete all of their fixtures remaining on their schedule.

Next game – vs. Brighton Tsunami – 18th November

5. DMU Falcons (0-2)

Following their 52-0 beat down at the hands of the Loughborough Aces, the DMU Falcons were held scoreless for another week as they fell 27-0 to the Coventry Jets. Fortunately (or maybe, unfortunately) for the Falcons, due to their schedule this season, they get a chance to gain revenge for their latest loss as they take on the Coventry Jets this weekend. Now, if the Falcons are unable to gain the W again and drop to 0-3, they will slide down our rankings due to other results, but if they are unable to find the endzone again, they may find themselves rooted to the bottom of these powerless rankings!

Next game – vs. Coventry Jets – 18th November

4. Worcester Royals (0-1)

Hang on a minute; the Royal’s aren’t in the bottom three for two consecutive weeks? Something isn’t right here...No, I’ve not lost my mind or pulled out the bias card with the Royals (I seem to have lost that quite some time ago...) I just think that based on results, the Royals aren’t one of the three worst teams in the country. In fact, I’m impressed with their performance against the ‘Cuda considering the Royals Head Coach quit on the team just one week before their first game of the season.

Following a 21-6 loss to Bristol, hopes seem to be high in the Worcester camp, and it would seem that there’s a lot of optimism and confidence in the air for this weekend’s upcoming game against Tarannau. Maybe, just maybe, this weekend could be the day that the Worcester Royals claim their first ever league victory! Worcester Royals, the whole of the BUAFL community is with you!

Next game – vs. Tarannau Aberystwyth – 18th November

3. Bath Spa Bulldogs (0-2)

Now, I know a lot of people will be reading this and will be like “hold up...Bath Spa didn’t feature on last week’s rankings, but now they’re third?!? There better be a good reason behind this!” Well my powerless ranking loving fans, the Bath Spa Bulldogs dramatically descend down our rankings due to their 40-0 drumming at the hands of the mighty, mighty Gloucestershire Gladiators (whilst that is sarcasm, the Glads look like a team to watch this season).

Bath Spa now faces a trip down south to take the Plymouth Blitz before their bye weeks come into play. If the Bulldogs don’t want to be in the bottom three next weekend, they’ll have to cause one of the upsets of this early season.

Next game - @ Plymouth Blitz – 18th November

2. Tarannau Aberystwyth (0-1)

Just like the Mariners, Tarannau find themselves on the powerless rankings for another week despite the fact they didn’t play a game this weekend. However, unlike the Mariners, Tarannau are sliding down our rankings this week due to other results happening around them.

With an extra week to prepare for their primetime game against the Worcester Royals this weekend, Tarannau will be looking for a repeat result of their post-season charity bowl game victory over Worcester to remove the club from our powerless rankings for at least one week.

Next game - @ Worcester Royals – 18th November

1. Huddersfield Hawks (0-2)

The new number one team in our powerless rankings is the Huddersfield Hakws who fell to the Manchester Tyrants 19-8. Whilst they are now 0-2 and bottom of our powerless rankings, the Hawks can take some pride in the fact that they managed to put a score on the board before Christmas, something that they were unable to do last season.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, the Hawks will be taking on the Bangor Muddogs this weekend, and if memory serves me correctly, the Hawks ended the Muddogs playoff dreams last season with a comprehensive victory. If Huddersfield can repeat that success this weekend, they’ll be off our rankings for quite some time.

Next game – vs. Bangor Muddogs – 18th November

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