Thursday, 15 November 2012

BAFA response to EFAF-IFAF Arbitration

An email from BAFA's representatives at the EFAF-IFAF arbitration:

Dear All,

I concur completely with Jens, from a legal (let alone a moral) point of view the whole "arbitration" process is fundamentally flawed and would not stand scrutiny in any Court if Law. 

We should completely ignore EFAF and proceed with the new IFAF Europe.

All attempts at a civilised and smooth hand over have been blocked at every turn by what is clearly a morally " Bankrupt " organisation ( EFAF) which now only exists to bolster the pockets and egos of some ( not all - in particular not Micheal & Roope) of the Board members.

The majority of the board are clearly Roberts "puppets" as are the Irish Federation.

I wonder how much the German federation members know if the damage he is doing to German football?

Regards to you all

Charles V Fraser-Macnamara

The IFAF vs EFAF battle looks like it could rumble on long into the winter!

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  1. Thats a pretty strong statement. But completely ignoring EFAF isnt the right answer. Splitting the Europe in half isnt the answer at all! Thats the exact reason for a 2/3 majority vote on dissolving the organisation.

    With two EFAF board members on the IFAF Europe board, how can a resolution or timetable for hand over not have been planned? IFAF Europe have given no indication of how they will do things better, do they have a TV deal? Do they have a timetable for events? Costings? Nothing has been said.

    So whilst I agree EFAF isnt perfect and there may or may not be so "bolstering of pockets" (do you have evidence of this?) the alternative isnt clear in IFAF Europe and the process by which IFAF Europe is going about this, isnt any better then how EFAF are acting. So IFAF Europe isnt building up any credibility at all.

    Also I would ask Charles V Fraser-Macnamara to refreign from slagging off the Irish Federation, they have been promised the chance to hold a big event in the shape of the Atlantic Cup and wish to see this through, why hasnt IFAF Europe spoken to them about it?

    Lastly, this email from BAFA makes BAFA look unprofessional both in its language and purpose. Stay objective, stick to the facts not popular "hear say" or opinion, and focus on the positives.


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