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BAFA Uni Football Week Two Power Rankings

Two weeks are in the books which means it’s time for our second power rankings of the season! Normally, I’d write quite a bit here, but I don’t have the time, so here’s a video of all of the TD’s that Davidson Day scored in their 104-80 victory over the Harrell’s Christian.

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (1-0)

As per usual, the ‘Canes posted 50+ points (53-0 to be exact) in a regular season game to exert their dominance of the University league. Barring a major collapse or miraculous loss, the ‘Canes will be holding onto the number one spot up until the post season. The biggest challenge for Herts will be to see who scores more points – their O or their D.

Next game - @ Cambridge Pythons – 18th November

2. Birmingham Lions (2-0)

Another week, another comprehensive victory for the Lions led by Varney, Conroy and co. Following their 71-6 defeat over the Outlaws at xpLosION, the Lions defeated the Lincoln Colonials 83-0 with a number of rookies finding the endzone. If the Lions can keep this dominating run up throughout the whole season, they should be on course for their fifth consecutive final appearance.

Next game – vs. NTU Renegades – 24th November

3. Loughborough (Nickname is still open to the highest bidder) (2-0)

Not wanting to be outdone by their MAC rivals, the Loughborough team (seriously, team’s suck without nicknames!) continued to show they could matchup to the top two teams in the country with an impressive 49-0 victory over the Leicester Longhorns (their second consecutive shutout over a team from the Leicester area). Lugbug are scheduled to take on the newly formed Wolverhampton Wildcats this weekend, but we’ll be surprised if that game goes ahead...If it does though, we’ll be there to cover it!

Next game - @ Wolverhampton Wildcats – 18th November 

4. Stirling Clansmen (3-0)

For the third consecutive weekend, the Clansmen proved they’re the team to beat across the border as they defeated the Napier Knights 56-0 to keep their unbeaten run on track. Up next for Stirling is a trip to the winless Edinburgh Predators. Whilst another 50+ blowout will look good on their stats, we’ll be surprised if Stirling find themselves higher than the number four spot next weekend! Also, from what I’ve seen and heard, a number of Clansmen players get extra props for keeping their cool and not dishing out fair justice to a number of morons at the weekend.

Next game - @ Edinburgh Predators – 24h November

5. Southampton Stags (1-0)

The Stags kick started their season with an impressive 46-20 victory over the Brunel Burners to remain in the number five spot for another week. Barring a sudden turn of form during the season, the Stags should be on course for their second consecutive undefeated season to retain their TVC crown for another season.

Next game - @ Reading Knights – 18th November

6. Sheffield Sabres (2-0)

The Sabres find themselves at the number six spot following their 35-6 victory over the Lancaster Bombers. Sheffield are currently looking like the team to beat in the BNW conference (granted, Hallam haven’t played a game yet) and should be advancing to the championship playoffs by the end of the regular season. A victory over the Tyrants this weekend will see the Sabres remaining in our top 10 for another week.

Next game - @ Manchester Tyrants – 18th November

7. Hull Sharks (2-0)

The first controversial ranking of the season sees the Hull Sharks leapfrog the Hallam Warriors and UWE Bullets following their 31-16 victory over the Bradford Bears. With two tough games out of the way, the Sharks look on course to win the inaugural North Eastern crown and return to the championship playoffs for another season. A victory over the Leeds Celtics (who the Sharks lost to last season), will confirm the teams status as the premier team in the North East.

Next game - @ Leeds Celtics – 18th November

8. Hallam Warriors (0-0)

Due to other results around the league, and the fact that their game against Bangor was postponed, it’s a drop of one place for the Hallam Warriors who are yet to begin their season. This weekend, the Warriors face off against the red hot Derby Braves who are currently on a 2-0 run. Hallam, you’re officially on upset watch for the week!

Next game - @ Derby Braves – 18th November

9. Bath Killer Bees (2-0)

Stop the presses! The Bath Killer Bees have jumped into our top 10 and snuck ahead of their SWAC rivals – UWE. Yes folks, that’s correct! Following their 21-14 victory over the Plymouth Blitz, BKB find themselves in the number nine spot two weeks into the season. Let’s just see if the Killer Bee’s can keep up the good run of form throughout the season!

Next game – vs. Exeter Demons – 24th November

10. UWE Bullets (1-0)

The second controversial decision of the rankings is a slide of two places for the UWE Bullets! But let’s be honest, the team’s that have jumped ahead of them did beat playoff quality opponents. Whilst the Bullets may be at the number ten spot for the time being, there’s no doubt in our mind that the Bullets will soon be rising up the charts as they aim to win their third successive SWAC title!

Next game - @ Exeter Demons – 18th November

11. UEA Pirates (1-0)

Following the Phantoms withdrawal from the league, the UEA Pirates were out of action this weekend, but still remain in the number 11 spot for another week. With the LSBU Spartans this weekend, the Pirates could break into the top 10 next week due to other results around the league!

Next game – vs. LSBU Spartans – 18th November

12. Cardiff Cobras (1-0)

Cardiff rise two places after their 20-15 over the Exeter Demons to earn their first victory of the 2012/13 season. Currently, it looks like the SWAC could be one of the most competitive conferences in Uni football this season. With UWE and Bath looking like title challengers this season, the Cobras will need to defeat the ‘Cuda this weekend as an early season loss could knock a team out of the SWAC title race!

Next game - @ Bristol Barracuda – 18th November 

13. NTU Renegades (1-0)

A slide of one spot for the Renegades as they were out of action this weekend due to a late postponement of their game against the Wolverhampton Wildcats. With the extra week of practice, the Renegades can take their anger out on the Leicester Longhorns this upcoming weekend.

Next game - @ Leicester Longhorns – 18th November

14. OBU Panthers (0-0)

Somehow, the OBU Panthers are lingering around in our top 15 despite not having played a game this season (they should be thankful of other results around the league). With their first game of the season against the BNU Buccaneers, the Panthers will be able to show to the Uni football world whether their 6-1-1 season was a flash in the pan or the real deal.

Next game - @ BNU – 18th November

15. Derby Braves (2-0)

A rise of three places for Derby as they defeated the MMU Eagles 58-0. However, their high flying days on our power rankings may be short lived as they take on the Hallam Warriors this weekend. A win, and the Braves will continue to storm up our rankings, but a overwhelming defeat could see the Braves missing from next weekend’s rankings!

Next game – vs. Hallam Warriors – 18th November 

16. Kent Falcons (2-0)

Despite their victory at the weekend, the Kent Falcons find themselves dropping one spot after their one point victory over the Canterbury Chargers. If the Falcons are going to challenge UEA, Essex and Hertfordshire for the championship playoff spots, they’ll need to win games with greater ease throughout the season.

Next game – vs. KCL Regents – 18th November 

17. Solent Redhawks (1-0)

Solent are the big climbers this week after a rise of seven places in this week’s rankings. Despite their problems during the off-season, the Redhawks showed they were focused for the season ahead with a 30-0 victory over the Oxford Lancers (the game was called at HT). Solent should be looking at another climb next weekend as they travel to Surrey to take on the Stingers.

Next game - @ Surrey Stingers – 18th November 

18. Bangor Muddogs (0-0)

Due to other results, the Muddogs rise a few places despite not playing this weekend. After two straight home games being postponed, the Muddogs should be able to get their season underway this upcoming weekend when they travel to take on the Huddersfield Hawks.

Next game - @ Huddersfield Hawks – 18th November

19. Leeds Carnegie (0-0)

Just like the Muddogs, Carnegie find themselves moving up a few slots despite not having a game at the weekend, and the fact they are yet to have begun their season. However, unlike Bangor, Carnegie were supposed to begin their season this weekend when they take on the Sunderland Spartans.

Next game – vs. Sunderland Spartans – 18th November

20. Portsmouth Destroyers (1-0)

It’s been a while, but the Portsmouth Destroyers are back on our power rankings at the start of a season! The new coaching regime at Portsmouth got off to a perfect start when they defeated the Kingston Cougars 12-6 to begin their season with an early W under their belt. In a conference loaded with quality teams, this early season victory could be the difference maker come the end of the season.

Next game - @ Brunel Burners – 24th November

21. UCLan Rams (0-0)

The Rams are another team who move up in rankings despite not playing this weekend. Seriously, some of these teams should count their blessing on the fact that a number of teams on last week’s rankings lost! The Rams will get their season underway this weekend when they take on the MMU Eagles. Here’s hoping that we haven’t overrated the Rams!

Next game – vs. MMU Eagles – 18th November

22. Bradford Bears (1-1)

A slide of six places for the Bears following their 31-16 loss against the Hull Sharks. Had this game been later in the season, the Bears would’ve flown off our rankings board, but they are fortunate enough to survive for another week. With a home tie against the York Centurions this weekend, the Bears will get a chance to try and reclaim some of the places they lost last weekend.

Next game – vs. York Centurions – 18th November

23. Reading Knights (1-0)

A 39-0 victory over the Surrey Stingers sees the Reading Knights return to our top 25 after a short break off the list. With a new Head Coach at the helm, the Knights got their season underway with their first W of the victory over the lowly Surrey Stingers. This weekend though, the Knights will face true competition as they host the Southampton Stags.

Next game – Southampton Stags – 18th November

24. Bristol Barracuda (1-0)

Just like Portsmouth, it’s been a while since the ‘Cuda made the top 25. But, following their 21-6 victory over the Worcester Royals (and other fixtures around the league), Bristol sneak into the power rankings for this week. However, it could all be short lived as they host the Cardiff Cobras this coming weekend. Should they defeat the Cobras though, Bristol will be shooting up our rankings this time next week!

Next game – vs. Cardiff Cobras – 18th November

25. Warwick Wolves (1-0)

Are the Warwick Wolves a top 25 team? No. Have the Wolves being helped out due to numerous teams on last week’s rankings losing? Yes. Nevertheless, Warwick defeated the Northampton Nemesis who did defeat the Wolves last season on the way to their surprise playoff appearance. With Derby gone from the MAC, could Warwick surprise everyone and steal a playoff spot from one of the two Nottingham teams? My mind’s telling me no...

Next game – vs. Leicester Longhorns – 24th November

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