Thursday, 22 November 2012

BAFA Uni Football Week Three Power Rankings

Each week I’m asked numerous questions, whether it be a random person in the street who can’t grow facial hair asking how long it takes to grow a full beard, or my mum asking when I will move my American football kit out of the way, or someone who follows football asking how easy it is to do power rankings despite the season only being a few weeks old. Each answer has the same common theme “about a week”, “sometime in the week”, “I judge teams on their performances on a week to week basis. It’s tough, but someone has to do it.”

So with that in mind, I guide your attention to our latest rankings which sees some high risers, some teams rapidly declining down the rankings, and a whole lot of new entries.

Being a ‘responsible’ adult, I advise all of those who have assignments due in sometime soon to ask yourself “will reading the latest power rankings really affect my grades?” Of course it won’t people! Now sit down, grab a pot noodle and read onwards!

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (2-0)
Herts posted another 50+ burger and continued to dominate all phases of the game. With minimal tough competition to take on during the regular season, the ‘Canes will probably continue to lead our power rankings for quite some time.

Next game – 25th November - @ Imperial Immortals

2. Birmingham Lions (2-0)
No game for the MAC daddies last weekend means they stay in the number two spot for another week. After posting 71 and 83 points respectively in their first two games, we’re expecting the Lions to keep their high flying scoring performance going for another week when they take on the Renegades.

Next game – 24th November – vs. NTU Renegades

3. Loughborough (2-0)
Just like the Lions, Loughborough were out of action last weekend because their game against the Wildcats was postponed, this means they stay in the number three spot for another week. Two games into the season, the Loughborough D are still yet to concede a single point. With the Outlaws coming to town at the weekend, Lugbug will be hoping for their third consecutive blowout victory of the season.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Nottingham Outlaws

4. Stirling Clansmen (3-0)
Another team who were out of action at the weekend but remain in their position for another week. With the Clansmen tearing up their division and proving they’re the number one uni team in Scotland, we’re continuously wondering who they will match up to the likes of the three teams above them when the playoffs role around. Maybe a scrimmage with the West Coast Trojans or East Kilbride Pirates will get the Clansmen ready for the tough task that lies ahead. However, until the playoffs roll around expect Stirling to keep posting 50 burgers over their opponents!

Next game – 25th November - @ Edinburgh Predators

5. Southampton Stags (2-0)
Finally, we’re back to a team who played a game this weekend! A 36-0 victory over the Reading Knights was good enough for the Stags to retain the number five spot for another week. With an away trip to BNU to take on the beloved double wing offence, the Stags will be hoping their defence can pull out another shutout performance against a system that always produces the highest scoring teams in the country during the regular season (although, they seem to be struggling this season...)

Next game – 25th November - @ Southampton Stags

6. Sheffield Sabres (3-0)
For a while, the Sheffield Sabres found themselves on upset alert last weekend as they trailed the Manchester Tyrants 8-3. In the end though, there was no need to panic as the Sabres scored 20 unanswered points to defeat the Tyrants 23-8. With their local rivals losing to Derby last weekend, it’s looking more and more like the Sabres will be the top dogs in Sheffield during the 2012/13 season.

Next game – 25th November - @ Staffordshire Stallions

7. Hull Sharks (3-0)
The Sharks continued their unbeaten run as well as knocking off one of their title challengers when they defeated the Leeds Celtics 12-6 last weekend. Whilst the Sharks will be thinking about their game against Leeds Carnegie on the 2nd of December, Hull can’t over look this weekend’s game against the Durham Saints. Although, if memory serves me correctly, Durham aren’t the greatest team in Uni football...I miss the unofficial forum!

Next game – 25th November – @ Durham Saints

8. Bath Killer Bees (2-0)
No game for the Bees at the weekend, but a rise of one place due to the Warriors loss against the Braves. With the Cobras losing to the Barracuda and the UWE Bullets not performing at the level we have come accustom to, this season could be the season when the Bees claim the SWAC title from the Bullets. A comprehensive victory over Exeter over the weekend will show that the Bees are for real.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Exeter Demons

9. UWE Bullets (2-0)
For quite a while, it looked like the Bullets would be sliding down our rankings because they conceded 14 points against the Exeter Demons, but in the end they were able to string together 21 straight points to keep their bid for a SWAC crown threepeat alive. However, with the Bees and ‘Cuda improving this season, and the Cobras always being a threat, a double digit deficit to one of these teams could result in a 1 in the L column for the bullets.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Swansea Titans

10. Derby Braves (3-0)
Following a convincing 24-6 victory over the Hallam Warriors, the Braves find themselves soaring up in our rankings and breaking into our top 10 for the first time since the rankings began. With one of the two main threats in the Big North Western taken down, the Braves will be hoping to keep this hot streak alive up until February 10th when they’ll take on the Sheffield Sabres. I’m already predicting that that’ll be our game of the week!

Next game – 25th November – vs. Bangor Muddogs

11. UEA Pirates (2-0)
Had the Braves not have beaten the Warriors so comfortably, the Pirates would find themselves living life in the top 10 of our rankings this week following their 39-12 victory over the LSBU Spartans. With three other teams currently 2-0 in the SEC, the Pirates will need to continue their impressive run of form going if they’re going to improve on last season and advance to the championship playoffs.

Next game – 25th November – @ Canterbury Chargers

12. NTU Renegades (2-0)
Talk about cutting it fine. After letting a 14 point lead turn into a 4 point lead, the Renegades were almost upset by the Leicester Longhorns right at the end of their week three matchup. In the end though, NTU were able to come away with the victory to remain unbeaten this season. A week after securing their second victory of the season against the Longhorns and their DW offence, the Renegades D face a difficult challenge this weekend when they take on the spread offence of the Birmingham Lions. Last season, the Renegades held the Lions to 25 points at xpLosION, this season, I don’t think that’ll be the case.

Next game – 24th November - @ Birmingham Lions

13. Solent Redhawks (2-0)
So...two games without their DC – two shutout victories...not bad Solent, not bad at all. With a 74-0 victory over the Surrey Stingers last weekend, the Redhawks find themselves jumping up into the top 15 of our rankings once again. In a conference loaded with talented teams, these early season shutouts could be the difference in Solent making the championship or plate playoffs (or neither). It’ll be interesting to see if the Redhawks can keep up high level of play once the tougher teams in the TVC roll into town.

Next game – 25th November – vs. OBU Panthers

14. Bristol Barracuda (2-0)
Well, the ‘Cuda have put me in my place! Originally, I didn’t rank the Bristol boys in the top 25 and then only ranked the team 24th last weekend, but after their 14-7 upset victory against the Cardiff Cobras, the ‘Cuda go flying up our rankings as they jump ten places and into our top 15. Now, let’s see if Bristol can keep up their early season form throughout the whole season!

Next game – 25th November – Tarannau Aberystwyth

15. Kent Falcons (2-0)
No game for the Falcons at the weekend as their game against KCL Regents was postponed. Currently on a bye week, the Falcons have another week of preparation before their next game against Westminster.

Next game – 2nd December – Westminster Dragons

16. Leeds Carnegie (1-0)
Carnegie got their season underway with a 19-0 victory over the Sunderland Spartans to begin life in the North Eastern conference. With Hull Sharks getting off to an early 3-0 start, Leeds Carnegie looks like the only true threat to claim the inaugural North Eastern crown. A victory over the Northumbria Mustangs would be the perfect result as the Carnegie gets ready for their game against the Hull Sharks on the first weekend of December.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Northumbria Mustangs

Side note – If Carnegie do win this weekend and the Hallam Warriors lose, can we not have any unnecessary comments that cause a status to escalate quickly. Thanks in advance!

17. Portsmouth Destroyers (1-0)
No game for Portsmouth last weekend as their game against the Brunel Burners was moved back a week to make sure the game was covered by BAFRA officials. With a new coach running the ship, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the Destroyers season plays out.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Brunel Burners

18. UCLan Rams (1-0)
The Rams got their season officially underway with a 12-0 victory over the MMU Eagles in their first home game of the season. In a conference currently being dominated by the Sabres and Braves, UCLan are looking good for a spot in the plate playoffs despite being a rookie team. If the Rams can pull off one of the biggest upsets in recent Uni ball history when they take on the Hallam Warriors this weekend, people will start to take notice of the U...CLan Rams (In no way do I endorse any team calling themselves ‘the U’)

Next game – 25th November - @ Hallam Warriors

19. Warwick Wolves (1-0)
Is a rise of six places and the number nineteen spot a tad bit too high for a team who were out of action at the weekend? Normally, I’d say yes, but looking at the current results and standings around the league, one can make an argument for the Wolves being highly rated (especially by the fact that Northampton posted 56 points a week after Warwick held them to a measly two...) A victory over the Longhorns at the weekend should see the Wolves staying on our rankings for another week.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Leicester Longhorns

20. Imperial Immortals (2-0)
Two games into their 2012 season, the Immortals find themselves currently unbeaten in the SEC after their move from the TVC during the off-season. With victories over KCL and the ARU Rhinos it’s difficult to gather a judgement on the Imperial’s potential for the season. This weekend’s game against Hertfordshire will show if the Immortals are as good as their early record suggests.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Hertfordshire Hurricanes

21. Cardiff Cobras (1-1)
It’s a slide of nine places for the Cobras following their seven point loss against the ‘Cuda last weekend. An early loss in the SWAC, which is looking like it’ll be the most competitive conference this season, could end the Cobras hopes of making the championship playoffs. There’s no doubting that the team will use this weekend’s re-arranged game against the Worcester Royals to release their anger from last weekend’s loss.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Worcester Royals

22. Plymouth Blitz (2-1)
A 42-6 victory over the Bath Spa Bulldogs sees the Plymouth Blitz reclaiming a spot on our power rankings after dropping off the list last week. As pointed out in the Cobras blurb, an early loss in the SWAC can all but end a team’s hopes of making the championship playoffs. With UWE, ‘Cuda and Cardiff left on the Blitz schedule; it’s all to play for in the SWAC!

Next game – 2nd December - @ Bristol Barracuda

23. BNU Buccaneers (2-1)
These final three picks were very hard to choose. With numerous teams riding two game winning streaks (Coventry and Glasgow), and teams like Kingston comfortably easing past established teams with their rookies playing majority of the game, it was always going to be a difficult choice. In the end though, I went with BNU who defeated their acronym rivals OBU 17-16. However, life on the rankings may be short lived for the Bucs as they host the Stags this coming weekend. For those who can remember, last season’s matchup between these two ended in a 52-48 victory for Stags. I’m not expecting a repeat of that score line this weekend.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Southampton Stags

24. Hallam Warriors (0-1)
Before I get hundreds and thousands of questions asking how a winless team can remain on our power rankings, remember, Hallam did slide from the number eight spot, so they have tumbled 16 places in the rankings. Hosting the UCLan Rams in their first home game of the season at the weekend, the Warriors will be hoping their potent offence from previous years can re-find their form to secure the Warriors first win of the season.

Next game – 25th November – vs. UCLan Rams

25. Gloucester Gladiators (2-1)
The final spot on our rankings was a difficult choice. Ultimately, I went with the Gladiators. By the looks of things, Gloucester had an unbelievable recruitment during the off-season, and clearly, the mix of new recruits and old veterans have turned the Gladiators from a regular powerless ranker to a challenger to the SWAC crown! All I can say is – Oi, Worcester! You’ve been in the league a year longer than the Gladiators, if they can turn it around then so can you! Sort yourselves out!

Next game – 2nd December – vs. Worcester Royals

Now back to work students! Or read our Powerless Rankings...


  1. Wouldn't really call Hallam's offense "potent", from what I heard, they only got a few first downs against Derby and the TD came from a fake punt!

  2. The person above is correct, i was at the game and hallam struggled to move the ball really, the TD came form a fake punt, but generally their offense struggled to move the chains enough to worry derby

  3. "potent offence from previous years" Pretty sure this means that they were potent in past uni season's, not this season...


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