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BAFA Uni Football Week Three Powerless Rankings

We’re three weeks into the season which means the 2012/13 season is well and truly underway. Last weekend we saw numerous teams from our week two powerless rankings claim their first victory of the season. All of those victors escape from our clutches for this week, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them make their way back onto the list sometime soon!

First off, as per usual, it’s time for the dishonourable mentions.

ARU Rhinos Coaches – I don’t know what to say really. I mean, how do you leave a team 4 hours before their biggest game of the season?! Their first game as a rookie team and you just leave? That’s not on my friend. Yes, the AU messed the team around, but don’t bail on your players so close to game day. Either leave during the pre-season, or try and stick it out until Christmas!

ARU AU – Being a former chairman who had to deal with a less than fantastic (so many words to choose from, but there’s kids reading this) AU/SU, I can understand the annoyance that the Rhino HC and Chairman must have felt when dealing with their respective AU. If the AU had been supportive of the Rhinos, they wouldn’t be in the situation they find themselves in today. Let’s just hope they learn from their mistakes and prevent this from happening again

Head Coaches who leave so early into the season –Now I’m not talking about coaches who leave due to valid reasons, we’re talking about the people who make poor excuses such as “the players are selfish”, “one of my coaches wasn’t respected by a more experienced player” (the coach in question always turned up to training late, and never had anything planned), “the teams colours make me look fat” Ok, maybe the last one is made up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard that excuse in the future! I don’t understand why these coaches would take the roles if they’re going to bail within a few weeks/months. Either stick it out for some time or allow the committees to hire a coach who will be dedicated to the team!  

Now that my ranting has stopped, let’s move onto the list!

10. Lancaster Bombers (0-2)

Despite not playing this weekend, the Bombers find themselves sliding into our powerless rankings due to numerous teams on last week’s recording their first victory of the season. The good news for the Bombers is that they get an extra bye week to try and sort out an offence that is currently averaging four points per game. However, the bad news is that the Bombers next game is against the Hallam Warriors who they lost 97-0 to last season. Whilst we’re not expecting a repeat performance of last year’s score line, we’ll be surprised if the Bombers overcome the Warriors and claim their first W of the 2012 season.

Next game – 2nd December - @ Hallam Warriors

9. Edinburgh Napier Knights (0-3)

The teams may have changed, but we still have an Edinburgh based team on our powerless rankings following the Napier Knights 20-0 defeat at the hands of the Glasgow Tigers. Following their 14-13 loss in their first game of the season, the Napier Knights have been shutout in two consecutive games whilst conceding 76 points. With a bye week this weekend before a trip to take on the Clansmen (gulp!) followed by their local derby against the Predators, Napier may find themselves on our rankings up until the Christmas break.

Next game – 2nd December - @ Stirling Clansmen

8. Lincoln Colonials (0-2)
Normally, when a team puts 32 points on the scoreboard, they go on to win their game, but that wasn’t the case for the Lincoln Colonials as they conceded 56 points against the Northampton Nemesis a week after conceding 83 points against the Birmingham Lions. I was at the Birmingham game, and I don’t believe that the Colonials are the eighth worst team in the country. In fact, they’re a team who has been struck down by the curse of graduation and will eventually find their rhythm as the season goes on. This weekend’s game against the Wolverhampton Wildcats will provide the team an opportunity to show what they’re truly made of (if it goes ahead...)

Next game – 25th November - @ Wolverhampton Wildcats

7. Teesside Cougars (0-1)
After two weeks off our rankings, the Cougars come flying back in following their 47-0 loss to the Newcastle Raiders. Despite the move to the North Eastern conference, the results for the Cougars seem to be the same as previous season’s in the Borders conference. The Cougars could end up being on our powerless rankings for quite some time...

Next game – 25th November – vs. Leeds Celtics

6. Oxford Lancers (0-3)

The new boys in the TVC find themselves in our powerless rankings for another week following a 27-0 loss against the Brighton Tsunami. According to the updated fixtures, the Lancers have completed all of their games for the first half of the season and won’t be back on the field until the end of January. With plenty of time to heal up and prep for the second half of the season, we’re expecting the Lancers to claim one or two W’s in 2013!

Next game – 27th January (Long break...) – vs. RHUL Bears

5. Surrey Stingers (0-2)

There’s the Surrey Stingers we know and love! A 74-0 beat down at the hands of the Solent Redhawks see’s the Stingers progressing their way down to the bottom of our powerless rankings. Once again, it’s looking like it’s going to be a long season for the Stingers who have yet to put any points on the scoreboard. We’re just hoping that the team can make it to their week 10 game against the Oxford Lancers, as this may be their only chance of a victory all season.

Next game – 2nd December - @ Brighton Tsunami

4. Wolverhampton Wildcats (0-0)

Are the Wolverhampton Wildcats the new Liverpool Fury? And by that we mean continuous postponements of their games. Now, we know the Wildcats are a new team and were handed pretty tough games to start their season (NTU and Lugbug), but we imagined that they would at least play one of those two games. Clearly, we were wrong. If the Wildcats cancel this weekend’s game against the Colonials, it may be time for 
someone higher up in the league to take a look into the Wolverhampton situation.

Next game – 25th November – vs. Lincoln Colonials

3. Bath Spa Bulldogs (0-3)

Many viewers may be surprised by the fact that the Bulldogs aren’t lower on our rankings following their 42-6 defeat at the hands of the Plymouth Blitz, but when you see the two teams below, it’ll all make sense.
If the Bulldogs are hoping on equalling or improving on last season’s 3-5 record, they’ll need to find some form pretty quickly. It’s a good job that they have two consecutive bye weeks to re-kindle some of last season’s performances.

Next game – 9th December - @ Swansea Titans

1b. Worcester Royals (0-2)

This week, there’s no number two team in our powerless rankings as we believe the Royals and the team below are as bad as each other.

Last weekend, the Royals looked like they had their first legitimate shot at their first victory in the league since their formation as they took on Aberystwyth. However, in true Royals fashion, the team ultimately ended up losing the game to remain winless for another week. With their re-arranged fixture against Cardiff this weekend before a trip to take on local rivals Gloucester, it doesn’t look like the Royals losing streak will end any time soon. The streak currently sits at 26 straight losses...

Next game – 25th November - @ Cardiff Cobras

1a. DMU Falcons (0-3)

Earlier in our rankings, we had the Wolverhampton Wildcats becoming the new Liverpool Fury. Now, we have the DMU Falcons becoming the 2012 version of the 2011 Huddersfield Hawks, and by that we mean remaining scoreless a number of weeks into the season.

Following games against the Loughborough Aces and Coventry Jets (twice), the Falcons are now on their first bye week of the season before their week five game against the Wolverhampton Wildcats. If DMU want to follow in the current day Huddersfield’s footsteps and get off the bottom of our powerless rankings, they’ll need an impressive victory against the new boys in the MAC.

Next game – 2nd December – @ Wolverhampton Wildcats


  1. As an Ex Uni Head Coach if I found myself in a similar position to the one I was in at Reading I'd walk before the season was over. That's not to say its anyone's fault but if the players aren't respecting the coaching staff then the team will never go anywhere. If the coaches can't inspire the players to put the work in that's needed for them to be successful then the team will never go anywhere.

    In that position would it hurt the team more to stay out the season even though things aren't working or to step out of the way and let someone else do the job?

  2. Talking about head coaches leaving midway through a season due to being disrespected, as i player personally i can understand that and support them. These guys give up their free time to come and help out the vast majority dont get any money for it, and if players aren;t interested in their opinions or are gobbing off they have every right to just leave, who wants to give up their free time to be insulted and ignored by a bunch of 20 year olds. I would be disappointed and annoyed if i heard any of my teammates disrespecting one of our coaches.

  3. I don't have a problem with coaches leaving with valid reasons during the season (such as the reasons listed above). It's the coaches that leave with poor excuses (we had one coach leave our Uni team because the players couldn't afford to pay him petrol money, this is despite the fact the coach knew the job was voluntary). That's a pretty poor excuse in my opinion as the coach knew what he was getting into already. Coincidently, it was also two days after our first loss of the season...


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