Friday, 18 January 2013

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

A decent week with 3/4 of the wins, but it's a shame the Broncos failed so miserably on their final stand or my unbeaten post-season run would have continued.

As it stands we don't have the Conference show-downs many people expected, but that's all part of the beauty of the post-season! Let's hope both this weekend's games are as hard fought as most of the Divisional round's were.

Divisional Round = 3-1

Post-Season = 7-1

Regular Season = 166-91 (65%)


49ers @Falcons

As much as I enjoyed the Seahawks this year, I'm glad Atlanta repaid the faith I had in them (and have had all season) by beating them. I'm not glad they let their dominant lead slip so far, very nearly costing them the game. Whilst their reputation as play-off chokers may have been shrugged (for now), I still think San Francisco have too much for them in this one.

Colin Kaepernick recovered spectacularly well from a bad start to lead a confident win over the Packers (breaking the single game QB rushing record in the process), and he along with the rest of the SF squad should feel very confident they can make it to the big dance. Whilst Atlanta's offence should still put up a decent amount of points, I can see them giving up a lot more early on to the visitors.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: 49ers by 7

Ravens @ Patriots

The Pats comfortably saw off the Texans last week, but have a much tougher test in store with the visiting Ravens this Sunday, in a replay of last year's Championship game. For those who remember that was the game of the infamous Cundiff miss, and I fully expect Sunday night's encounter to be another close affair.

I think the Ravens have every reason to feel confident they can match New England in this one, they should be able to stretch the field vertically with more success than Houston had, and I feel like Baltimore will be extra hungry for revenge over last year. I like the Raven's chances enough to be bold and call the upset, especially with Gronkowski ruled out (although the Pats do manage well without their star TE). Whatever the result I expect this game to be decided in the final 2 minutes.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Ravens by 3


1. San Francisco 49ers (U2)
The 49ers jump up with a confident win over the Packers. For me they not only have the strongest team right now, but also the easiest of the potential match-ups (although no game is easy at this stage.) I expect them to beat Atlanta and be favourites come Super Bowl Sunday no matter the opponent.

2. New England Patriots (-)
It was the win most of us expected, but Houston were not looking like legitimate Super Bowl contenders in recent weeks so I'm taking it with a pinch of salt. There is no guarantee they will beat Baltimore this Sunday, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt as if they do they will prove a tougher test in the Super Bowl for either of the NFC sides.

3. Baltimore Ravens (U4)
It was an extremely impressive, if a little lucky, win over a confident Denver side... could the Ravens be this year's 'team of destiny'? Of course not, because there's no such thing as fate - but what the Ravens are is a highly talented, highly motivated, and extremely lucky team right now. When those 3 things coincide great things happen. I would not be at all shocked to see the Ravens beat New England this weekend and give Ray Lewis the biggest stage of all to finish his career on.

4. Atlanta Falcons (U1)
As much as I fancy Atlanta to lose this weekend, they are by no means a push-over. Sure, they were guilty of some poor decision making that almost cost them a huge lead last weekend, but they have all the talent to succeed, plus the home field advantage. Any one of these 4 could easily win the Super Bowl, but Atlanta are (I think) the worst of a good bunch.

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