Friday, 4 January 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

Bengals @ Texans
These should all be great games, but this is one of the more intriguing of the bunch. A team definitely coming into form opposed to one on a 2 game slide against underdogs. I feel like this could definitely go either way, with the Texans holding a slight offensive edge but the Bengals boasting the superior defence. As it looks to be so close I’ll back the home side to pull it off, but wouldn’t be shocked to see this swing either way.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Texans by 3

Vikings @ Packers
I think this will be closer than many are expecting, but still see the Packers as firm favourites despite last week’s result. Green Bay knew they didn’t have to show their full hand versus the Vikings in the loss – and with home field advantage they should take care of business bar another near perfect performance from Ponder. As good as AP is you need to have more of an offense than one outstanding back to win in this league.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Packers by 7

Colts @ Ravens
Another game that could go right to the wire, this should be a great one with Luck leading his young team to the playoffs and making history in the process. The #CHUCKSTRONG movement continues to fuel the Colts emotionally, but the Ravens have just had their own injection of immediacy with legendary LB Ray Lewis announcing this post-season will be his final few games in the NFL. As impressive as the Colts have been I can’t see them sending Ray home on a damp note.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Ravens by 6

Seahawks @ Redskins
My favourite match-up of the week - but it's a shame one of these two has to go home empty handed as they are without doubt the two most entertaining teams in the league right now. This could swing either way, and if it was in Seattle I'd have no qualms taking them as clear favourites, but in Washington I feel this could swing either way. I’m torn right down the middle trying to call this one but as much as I love what RG3 is doing I can’t not pick Wilson and the Hawks to scrape another dramatic victory (despite a fairly off-par performance last week).  

DBL Coverage Prediction: Seahawks by 3

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