Friday, 4 January 2013

Mid-Season BUAFL Big Board, Rankings 51-61

51. Nottingham Outlaws (1-3)
Kick starting the second part of our midseason big board power rankings is the Nottingham Outlaws. The Outlaws didn’t get off to the best starts this season as they fell to three of the top four teams in the MAC standings. Fortunately, the team were able to claim their first W of the season with an overtime victory over the Leicester Longhorns.

Midseason grade – E – Most people would have guessed that the Outlaws would be 2-2 at this point in the season, but they’ve fallen to 1-3 and are all but out of the playoff race.

52. Huddersfield Hawks (1-3)
This time last year the Hawks hadn’t scored a point, this year, they have 72 points and a W! Shame they also have three losses...With their only win coming against the winless Bangor, it’s difficult to judge how well the Hawks will do this season, all we know is if they can score 30 points like they did in their last game (34-32 loss to LJM), the Hawks should claim a few victories in 2013.

Midseason grade – C – Ended 2012 with the record most people would’ve selected before the season began, therefore they’re doing ok.

53. Leicester Longhorns (1-4)
The start of the 2012 season hasn’t been kind on the Longhorns. First off, the team lost their HC, and then the team lost three straight games to playoff calibre teams within the MAC. Fortunately, their prayers were answered when the Longhorns defeated the Colonials on a last play hail mary to claim their first W of the season, and the Longhorns almost won two straight after coming back from a 16-0 deficit against the Outlaws, but in the end, the Longhorns lost in OT to end 2012 with a 0.200 record. Let’s hope 2013 is kinder to the team!

Midseason grade – D - Can do better. It seems like an up and down season for the Longhorns. One week they’re good (4 point loss to NTU) and then the next week they are dreadful (18 point loss against Warwick). Sort it out guys!

54. Greenwich Mariners (1-2)
Remember a few years ago when the Mariners went undefeated and won the plate trophy? It was many moons ago, long before BUAFL had a dedicated media outlet. With their only victory of the season coming against the winless Westminster Dragons, it could be a long season for the Greenwich Mariners.

Midseason grade – E – One victory over a winless team and a loss to a rookie team is pretty bad. Maybe they shouldn’t have fired their HC before the season began...

55. Lincoln Colonials (1-3)
Following two butt whooping’s, the Colonials seem to be establishing some sort of stability after being crippled by the dreaded curse of graduation. With a new coaching regime hopefully coming in for the start of 2013 we could see a dramatic turnaround for the Lincoln outfit in the New Year.

Midseason grade – D – Considering they have a small squad (in physical size and depth), the Colonials are playing with a never say die attitude and could cause a few upsets in the New Year. All they need if for the team to gel together sometime soon!

56. Essex Blades (1-3)
What a letdown. Seriously? From the number two seed in the SEC all the way to second from bottom?! That’s not on Essex, not on at all! Especially considering the team had a high number of starters returning this season. Had it not been for their one point victory over the Canterbury Chargers, the Blades would be 0-4 and further down on our list. Safe to say we’re not impressed!

Midseason grade – F – From playoffs to powerless rankings, well nearly...

57. Edinburgh Predators (1-3)
Things didn’t look too good for the Predators when they began their season with two consecutive losses (12-68 vs. Stirling and 21-14 @ Glasgow Tigers), but the Predators finally found their feet to comfortably beat the UWS Pyros. However, the success didn’t last long as the Predators were pounded once again by the Stirling Clansmen.

Midseason grade – C – Take away the Stirling games and the Predators are 1-1 with a +10 points difference. With Stirling out the way, the Predators could go 4-0 in 2013.

58. UWS Pyros (1-2)
The Pyros make it two consecutive Saltire teams in our rankings as they claim the 58th spot on the list. The Pyros season got off to the best possible start when they defeated the Napier Knights 14-13 to equal their win total from last season. Since then, it’s been downhill with two consecutive losses to the Edinburgh Predators and Glasgow Tigers respectively.

Midseason grade – B – That’s right, the Pyros get a B for three reasons. 1) Equalling their win tally from last season showing they can beat teams other than Durham or Teesside. 2) They have the second lowest point conceded record in the Saltire conference. 3) And this one ties into number 2, they’ve somehow avoided the Stirling Clansmen! Well done Pyros, well done.

59. MMU Eagles (1-3)
In their first game, the Eagles scored 12 points. Since then, the MMU boys have gone on to score a grand total of 6 – yes, 6. In their first game, the Eagles conceded 2 points. Since then, the MMU boys have conceded a grand total of 109 – yes, 109. That’s pretty much it. They started well, now they’re poor!

Midseason grade – F – Look at the reasons listed above.

60. LSBU Spartans (0-3)
I knew it was going to be a difficult season for the LSBU Spartans when the Spartans HC and DC were recruited by the Brunel Burners, so the fact the Spartans have played this season shows good determination from everyone involved within the club, it’s just a shame they can’t get it done on the field. Fortunately for LSBU, it looks like there are a few games in 2013 that they could/should win.

Midseason grade – A – The Spartans get an A for sticking it to the man(s) and showing that they can continue on without them. (In reality, the team would get an E for their poor start).

61. Bangor Muddogs (0-3)
One year wonder? Overrated? Success gone to their heads? All of these are just a number of questions that people can ask when discussing the Muddogs collapse from a 5-2-1 record last season to an 0-3 record this year.

We’ve been told, the Muddogs HC quit just before the first game of the season after seeing that the side didn’t have enough Americans in the team and this left the team with one dedicated coach. If this is true (and judging by the person’s profile, he’s a good source) then we’ll be surprised if Bangor do well this season. I guess there’s always next season.

Midseason grade – D – Normally, they’d get a big fat F, but if the news about their HC is true, the Muddogs have done respectably well considering the situation they’ve been left in.


  1. I'd love to know who your sources are, cause you guys seem to write some utter s*** from some 'good' sources

  2. I don't know who told you the Greenwich Mariners fired their Head Coach but this statement is incorrect. Our Head Coach resigned due to other commitments.


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