Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Writers Poll - Week Ten

Our latest writers’ top 25 sees a huge change following a week of shocking victories. Once again, Birmingham and Hertfordshire top the list after completing their undefeated regular seasons and winning their respective conferences.

The surprise of the top five is the fact that Loughborough still remain in the number three spot after their loss to Birmingham. Even more surprising when we see that Stirling moved above Hull despite both teams winning at the weekend.

The biggest movers on this week’s rankings are the Cambridge Pythons following their three point victory over the UEA Pirates. The Pirates dropped seven places after this loss. 
Other teams dropping down on the list are Southampton, Kent, Brighton and Plymouth due to their losses last weekend.

Finally, two new teams prop up the bottom of the rankings as the Gloucester Gladiators and Leeds Celtics end week ten with a ranking next to their name.

The poll.

1.     Birmingham -

2.     Hertfordshire -

3.     Loughborough -

4.     Derby -

5.     Stirling +1

6.     Hull -1

7.     Bath -

8.     Sheffield +1

9.     UWE +1

10.  Kingston +2

11.  Portsmouth +6

12.  Southampton -4

13.  Cambridge +9

14.  Kent -3

15.  NTU -

16.  Warwick +2

17.  Carnegie +2

18.  Glasgow -2

19.  BNU +1

20.  UEA -7

21.  Manchester +2

22.  Brighton -8

23.  Plymouth -2

24.  Gloucester NEW

25.  Leeds NEW


  1. Why are Plymouth in this, and not Swansea? Swansea not only beat them, but are ahead of them in the SWAC standings.

  2. What a lode of codswallop. Half of these teams couldn't wipe their own butts. Gloucester, Plymouth, UWE? are you kidding? UWE doesn't even have a legal playing field. You have to be kidding. You make this whole league look Mickey Mouse with rankings like these...

  3. why not Newcastle bad start to season with new team and new coaches but this years results are as good as anybody,but I forgot this is DC-Luv Leeds Hate Newcastle!!


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