Thursday, 11 April 2013

Further Progress with UK Women’s Flag Football - Hybrid Vs Cougars

Sunday 7th April 2013

On what seemed like the first weekend of actual spring weather (with no snow in sight) the Coventry Cougars faced the Hybrid team in an all-female fuelled tournament at Coventry Memorial Park. Honours were shared as the well-organised Cougars won 30-0 in the first game, but a quick change in tactics on offense meant the Hybrid avenged their loss, winning 20-6 in the second.
Becca Haw MVP makes a tackle for the Cougars
The Hybrid side mixed the talents of four different teams; Coventry Jets, Coventry SU, Portsmouth SU and the Warwick Wolverines. With several players from the EWP (Elite Women’s Project) representing in both teams the matches were set to be a good watch!
The Cougars started out strong in the first game with a clean sheet and 30 points. Becca Haw was worthy of note, making an impressive 16 catches for over 130 yards in the first game. Throughout the day she made an impressive 32 catches for 255 yards with 2 TDs - more than earning her MVP status.

Sophie Jones, on D for the Cougars, made her mark early with 8 tackles and an interception in the first game but missed the second due to injury. Quarterback Milliee Barrett stayed strong in both games and on both sides of the ball throwing for an impressive 345 yards as well as making several interceptions and tackles throughout the day.

With a quick change of tactics by offensive coordinator Pete Coppenhall in the second game the Hybrid team managed a turnaround winning 20-6.

Vicki Hellard starting as quarterback for the Hybrid was back from a knee injury this week. By the second game it was clear that she had the confidence she needed in her knee - stepping into throwing an impressive 181 yards securing 3 TDs. Fran Smith proved herself as a two way titan, securing offensive MVP but also making a strong debut on defence with 7 tackles in the first game.

The final drive saw Natalie Parker convert Tendai Cheiza’s touchdown- securing a win for the Hybrid team. Natalie still managed to give a strong offensive performance despite breaking her foot 6 weeks ago (making the cuts extra difficult)!

Both teams impressed on a day which can only be good for the Women’s game.

So what’s next for the girls of American Football? The EWP are off to Europe in June to play internationally at The Big Bowl in Frankfurt one of the biggest flag football tournaments in Europe! We wish the British team luck on the Continent.

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Jennifer Cooper #66 

An ineligible receiver was spotted in the end zone

Chantal Tomlinson makes a run for the Hybrid Team followed by a fingertip tackle from the Cougars

Photos by James Leveller O'Grady 'takingthepixel'

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