Friday, 12 April 2013

James Goddard’s Protein Project – Time To Shred.

Hi guys,

Now that I have introduced myself I am going to start talking you through my weeks in terms of nutrition and training, relating it as much as I can back to Football. I’ve got a whole wealth of knowledge at my fingertips with the Maximuscle PTs and nutritionists, and I want to share that with you.

This week of the Maximuscle Protein Project sees a shift in my goals from bulking, post season size complex, to cutting and maintenance. This meant my gym work and diet plan changed accordingly. In the gym our exercises turned from big weights, low reps and lots of sets to a steadier, cardio-inducing regime. One exercise I wanted to share with you guys was the daemon Tempo Squats! This exercise promotes muscle growth through "time under tension" and is excellent for power, explosiveness and speed which will translate directly on to the football field. Be warned though, they burn!

Here’s what you do:
1.       Slowly squat down to a deep position counting 3 seconds on the way down
2.       Pause at the deepest part of your squat (at least 90 degrees) for one second
3.       Explode out of your deep squat as hard and fast as you can
4.       5 sets of 5 reps with 1 minute rest

Athletes are built here...

Dietary wise our calorie intake was cut drastically. During the bulking phase we were taking on 4,100 calories per day, all of which had to be from good quality food sources. I managed this by eating every two hours and incorporating Maximuscle Progain Bars as a mid-afternoon snack along with calorie-rich Progain and Cyclone shakes in the morning and after my training.

TOP TIP: add honey, fresh orange juice (with bits) and a couple of handfuls of raisins to your diet to up your calories if you’re struggling to hit your numbers.

James is now in the maintenance pahase
 Now that I’m in the maintenance phase I’m taking on 2,600 calories per day. This means I have switched to using calorie-free shakes, Maximuscle Promax Lean, and cutting down my main meal portion sizes. Only a week in and I have already seen a big difference. The gym work matched with my new diet plan has helped my body promote fat burning and the "shredding" has commenced…

My favourite recipe from this week was my Moroccan Chicken, it’s really easy:
1.       Chicken breast, with or without the skin – I prefer with skin as it’s tastier
2.       Marinate in 1tsp of cumin, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, dash of olive oil, half a chilli and half lemon juice
3.       Hot pan, fry on each side till golden
4.       Into the oven @180 degrees for 25 minutes
5.       Remove and rest for 10 minutes
6.       Serve with a green salad and/or sweet potato

For a few more cooking tips check out the video of me and the other Protein Project lads being taught how to cook by London Wasps RFC head chef, Omar Meziane: Protein Project cooking.

I can’t leave you without talking about the NFL Draft! I love the NFL draft and its only two weeks away. For me the build-up is a time when you see how some individual combine workouts can change the course of some players’ lives! I'm sure all your coaches have had you on semi-combine style training, be that the bag drill for LBs, 40 yard dash for the WR, 3 cone drill for DBs and as always BENCH PRESS! I see this year the quickest 40 yard dash was a blistering 4.27 seconds by Marquise Goodwin, the University of Texas WR. Clearly that is a mixture of natural talent and a lot of gym bases strength and explosive drills...anyone for resisted sprints?

Hench doesn't quite cover it!
I see that Maximuscle ambassador and GB Olympian, Lawrence Okoye, is heading over to the NFL to try and transition his strength and power onto the football field, best of luck to the lad: BBC Sport - Lawrence Okoye. He’s another Brit with big prospects, I used to play with Jason Brisbane (Ex Blitz LB) who got the opportunity and made it onto the Chargers squad back in 07/08. I hear it was the most amazing experience; lifting with the likes of Shawne Merriman and having to line up opposite and hit Ladainian Tomlinson; incredible if not ridiculous! I’ll leave you with that thought.

Have a good week,

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