Friday, 12 April 2013

London Blitz vs Copenhagen Towers Preview

It’s all systems go as the London Blitz prepare for their first game of the season on Saturday 13th April as they face Danish side Copenhagen Towers at a Finsbury Park, North London.

The Scandinavian side will travel to London to play the first leg of the EFAF Cup tie against the current BritBowl champions. The Blitz will then travel to play Copenhagen on Saturday 27th April and the winning team over two legs will move on to host the EFAF Cup Quarterfinal.

The Towers are a strong European force who went undefeated in their domestic league last year winning all ten of their games and reached the semi final of the Danish Championship losing out narrowly in overtime to the Søllerød Gold Diggers.

This game represents a new era for the Blitz and following a number of retirements in 2012 a new Blitz team has been born. Leading the team into Europe will be club captains Mark Penfound, Rob Hardy, Charlie Joseph and Ed Morgan.

The game was due to be played at White Hart Lane Sports Centre Saturday's, but has been relocated to Finsbury Park due to damage to the New River Stadium pitch caused during the bad weather.

The Blitz were delighted to announce that Sky Sports NFL analyst Neil Reynolds will host the event and provide commentary throughout the game. Neil is well known to all UK NFL fans as he has covered the NFL as a journalist and broadcaster since 1991. He also co-presents Inside The Huddle podcast with Darren Fletcher. You can follow Neil on Twitter @neilreynoldsnfl

At half time there will be a British American Football Association National Leagues Fastest Man competition over 100m with prizes for the winner.

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  1. Neil Reynolds, possibly the worst man to every do a play-by-play every, not charism, no knowledge! But good luck to the Blitz.


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