Thursday, 4 April 2013

GB Student Lions Interviews: Outside Linebacker James Armah

Name: James Armah

University: Gloucestershire

GB Number #44

Linebacker James Armagh talking to Linebacker Coach Simon Hatcher c/o Bec Edwards
DC: First off, congratulations on being named to the travelling squad for the Great Britain Students Men’s Program vs Sweden Students. How has the whole process of being involved in the student program been, from applying to trial to now?

To be honest the whole process has been very fast but very organised with the biggest emphasis being put on competition which I love.

DC: With the relatively short period of time between trials and going to Sweden, with limited training which has been affected by the weather, how have preparations gone going into Saturday’s game? 

I think considering the short period of time that we've all had I feel the preparations have gone really well. It's taken a fair amount of study outside the scheduled GB training sessions, but that's the kind of commitment that's going to help come game time.

DC: Has it been difficult juggling different playbooks being in BUAFL season, and how has the install gone on the Great Britain Program?

At times it's been difficult but now my competitive season for the uni has finished it allowed for some more focused study. The wrist coaches have defiantly helped speed up the process of play calling on the field, giving us a lot more time to think and therefore play using our natural ability.

DC: How has the Great Britain Program measured up to you own university program?

It's difficult to compare the two. But the things that have amazed me about the GB programme is the size and standard of athletes I'm around. I've never been in a situation were I'm surrounded by players that all lift and on top of that are all up to speed on the scheme were running and what were up against. It's been a humbling experience to be around a number of players that word as hard as I do.

DC: There are lots of high quality athletes on the squad has anyone really stood out in your opinion? 

Straight out the gate Dominic Gould impressed me. He's the best athlete I've ever played next to. Stefan Rivera and Rob Cartwright have looked real sharp throughout too.

DC: As, well as quality athletes Coach Hill has put together a top notch staff. Do you feel the coaching has helped you progress as a player?

Without a doubt. Coach Hatcher and Coach Fab have really helped me refine the basics of my game and allow me to use my athletic ability to a fuller extent.

DC: What are your expectations of the game this weekend vs Sweden?

I expect to go up against a very tough and organised outfit. But most importantly I expect a win.

DC: Finally, with the World Student Championships being played in Sweden in 2014, what are you thoughts and what would you say to any university player wanting to be on that squad next year?

No matter what size you are or what school your from, work hard, play harder and turn up to the trials ready to compete from word go.

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