Friday, 19 April 2013

James Goddard’s Protein Project – Keep The Intensity

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the glimmer of sun this weekend. The excitement for the BAFL season is building, I know the Blitz have already played a European game and a few other games are underway. Love it.

As you know from my last post I’m currently on a cutting phase in my Maximuscle Protein Project . This week we’ve taken our cardio intensive training to the next level and had some time with a few England rugby players who offered their wisdom.

The big thing for me this week is the importance of body weight squats and box jumps. These exercises are brutal when done intensely and can really benefit all American Footballers. My TOP TIP for this week is box jumps. They’re so easy to set up and they’re amazing for increasing explosive speed, strength and promoting muscle growth. These could be argued to be the basic athletic qualities needed in any footballer: the faster you move, the stronger you are, the higher you jump and the quicker you react, the better player you will be.
My top exercise for this week is for people looking to turn up the heat on their legs:
Super set box jumps with squats
-          Squats with solid form (5 reps)
-          Box jumps ; 20” box (10 reps)
-          Rest, 1 min
-          Repeat 5 times

For Extra leg demolition - add Front Kettle Bell Squats before your rest (as per picture) to turn this into a size, explosiveness and strength super circuit.

As I mentioned, we spent some time with England rugby players, James Haskell, Tom Varndell, Paul Doran Jones and Joe Simpson. These guys are seriously impressive athletes, massive men, and it was great to learn from them. What was interesting is that not one of them are in the gym for more than 45mins to an hour, irrespective  of whether it’s a weight  session or endurance training. It is so easy to get caught up at the gym, but the England lads are all advocates for intensity. Essentially, get into the gym and tear it up for an hour, keep your heart rate and muscle burn up for better results.

I was with the rugby boys with my fellow Protein Project contestants, David and Ollie, doing a ‘Come Dine with Me’ type challenge. I did the Moroccan chicken dish I told you about last week. Ollie did a decent prawn starter and David did an unbelievable chocolate cake made from Maximuscle Promax. 

Check out this VIDEO to see how he did and, more importantly, who won

I’ve been keeping my eye on the NFL which continues to be quiet on a player front; it seems to be gearing up to the draft. As always, the elite players stand out in the first 15 to 20 picks but I think we all hope our teams pick an undiscovered gem like Tom Brady who was a sixth round pick with poor arm strength and slow feet! More of those please.

Continuing with my two-cents, in my opinion one of the most significant picks of recent time is Patrick Willis. As an ex Safety and Linebacker I will always favour the D but I believe that few players have been so prominent from their first NFL game or so consistent through their first few seasons; a rare combination of natural ability with an exceptional work and training ethic. What do you guys think?

Get in touch with me on twitter, it would be great to hear your thoughts on my Protein Project journey, hear your training tips, some great recipes or even hear what you think of my view on Football. You can get me @James_ProteinP

I’m looking forward to catching up with you next week already, remember: "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard".

Time to get to work!


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