Sunday, 21 April 2013

Final Scores

BAFANL Fixtures Sunday 21/04/2013

London Warriors 52 - 12 Bristol Aztec

Doncaster Mustangs 46-9 Nottingham Caesars

Cambridge Cats 49-0 Ipswich Cardinals (unconfirmed FT)

Gateshead Senators 13-7 Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Leicester 34-26 Crewe Railroaders

Shropshire Revolution 26-12 Staffordshire Surge

Manchester Titans 54-0 Lincolnshire Bombers

Watford Cheetahs 26-22 MK Pathfinders

Early Kick Off

Bedfordshire Blue Raiders 52-0 Maidstone Pumas

Varsity Games:

Gloucester Gladiators 36-0 Worcester Royals

Tarranau Aberystwyth 30-6 Bangor Mud Dogs

Saturday Games

BUCS National Championship game

Birmingham Lions 17-13 Hertfordshire Hurricanes

NTU Renegades 49-28 Southampton Stags

BAFANL Fixture Saturday 20/04/2013

Bristol Apache 27-13 Bournmouth Bobcats


  1. Are you about this score London Warriors 52 - 12 Bristol Aztec ?
    This page says 39-12:

  2. Are you sure about this score:
    London Warriors 52 - 12 Bristol Aztec

    This pages says 39-12:

  3. Varsity Game Sunday - Brighton Tsunami 40-0 Sussex Saxons

  4. It must real easy to put 40+ points on a team when, allegedly, you have registered 20+ yanks on your roster!!
    Allegedly, most of their starting offensive ball handlers, linebackers and secondary are US personnel!!
    What were BAFANL think when they decided to allow NO restrictions on US/Canadian/Mexican or Japanese players on a teams roster, although US Base players are always going to be the issue?!
    I understand BAFA having a 'No Discrimination' rule for funding reasons but BAFANL adopting them too is crazy...we're going in totally the opposite direction to nearly every country in Europe including EFAF/EFL!!


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