Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Luke Plastow resigns as BNU Buccaneers Head Coach

BNU Head coach and Double Wing maven Luke Plastow has announced he will be stepping down as head coach of the Buccaneers . He released this statement to Double Coverage after announcing his resignation last night to the team:

Image courtesy of Plastow Photography

As of today I will be stepping down as Head Coach of the BNU Buccaneers. It is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made but I feel that now it is the right time. I am not leaving with head hung slinking into the shadows. I am leaving after our most successful season on the field. After our best rookie class the team has seen, better training facilities, BUCS membership and more coaches than ever.

I started the team 7 years ago with just a pen and paper at the fresher’s fair. I can safely say now that it is a program built on hard work, friendship and discipline. Our players have learnt a lot about themselves and their teammates on cold Thursday evenings, or Sundays afternoons. My greatest victories weren’t on the field, they were seeing guys come in fresh from home, progress over 3 years , and leave the program mature responsible adults

I am proud of everything we have achieved the last 7 years. As the OC as well as the HC, BNU styled itself on the hard work smashmouth football of the Double Wing formation. I forget how many times I have been insulted by other coaches and players whether it be anonymously or to my face. But every one of those insults encouraged me more. It meant we were doing something right.

I spent a lot of time learning from great coaches like Jason Scott and Ben Johnson and this can be seen in BNU’s attitude and play. The players take pride in the fact people hate facing them on the football field. You can often see that as they get off the bus or during breaks in play. They earned that through hard work.

I owe so much to this team, the players and coaches have helped me through a lot of personal problems and troubles over the years. Even if at times it served as a distraction, a place to go and coach for a few hours a week. I’ll never forget that. But all good things must come to an end. As the weeks pass since our season ended in Glasgow the fire to move onto next season is not burning so brightly.

I knew as the final whistle went in Scotland that was my last I have my sights set on other things at the moment, business, marrying my beautiful fiancée and starting a family.

I am not walking away from football, just taking time off. I’ll be back. With a new hat of course.


Coach Luke Plastow

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  1. Didn't like the doublewing or the hat... but Coach Plastow and his players are great guys and he will be missed in the TVC


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