Saturday, 18 May 2013

GFL Predictions

Cologne Falcons @ Berlin Rebels
The Rebels had a surprising but great start to the season beating cross city rivals and GFL giants the Berlin Adler. At the same time Cologne have impressed us beating the Dusseldorf Panthers, a team we rated highly, 38-16. Consequently after one game Cologne are sitting on top of the GFL1 North table. This is a tough one to call, the Rebels have beaten GFL tough guys the Adler by a field goal, whilst the Falcons convincingly beat a team who’ve been promoted in the last 2 seasons and look to have lost players after their first games performance.
Berlin by 1 Score

Berlin Adler @ Kiel Baltic Hurricanes
The Adler a team who look to be struggling after their defeat at the hands of the Rebels. But first games never reveal the end of season outcome. More importantly, the Adler we’re crushed by Kiel the week before at home 26-15. We can’t imagine the score being much better for them playing in front of Kiel’s big European crowd. After Kiel shook up their roster a bit removing Jeff Welsh and Trevar Deed from the picture, Patrick Esume has started to mold a team that he thinks can go all the way and not fall short again.
Kiel by 3 scores

Stuttgart Scorpions @ Marburg Mercenaries
Marburg are coming in to playing their first game, over the pre-season they chose to stiffen their defense with Western New Mexico LB Jacob Cross. Whilst bringing in ex-Saarland Hurricanes import wide receiver Luke Mccann, interestingly they have signed ex Buffalo Bills quarterback, and Team USA 2011 World Cup wide receiver Micah Brown at Quarterback from West Virginia Tech. Stuttgart winning their first game away to Wiesbaden this year’s GFL not-so-tough guys doesn’t provide much information for us, and with Marburg picking up a lot more talent than usual from their imports this game could get interesting but we’re going to go with Stuttgart because they’ve found their feet already.
Stuttgart by 2 scores

Weisbaden Phantoms @ Saarland Hurricanes
Weisbaden could be in trouble this year, with two losses by week two and are yet to face the tougher teams in the division. Rumors of their imports underperforming indicates the blame game is starting to kick in which is recipe for relegation in any league. Saarland are kick starting their first game of the season with some standard import signings QB/LB/EU. From Western Michigan, LB Jason DeShazor. From St Olaf Lutheran college Daniel Dobson, and British offensive lineman Ashley McDonald. We really think Weisbaden could go down this year or at least be in the relegation game. Saarland have to step up if they want to play in the big leagues, currently hanging as an ineffective team that show no signs of working up through GFL1, but they do look better than Weisbaden this year.
Saarland by 2 Scores 

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  1. It's Wiesbaden, not Weisbaden ;-)

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