Monday, 13 May 2013

London Blitz take over lease of Finsbury Park


For the past few years the London Blitz American Football Club has been part of the Finsbury Park Sports Partnership. The partnership is made up of London Heathside Athletics club, the Dynamic Sports Academy (DSA), local sports charity Access to Sports and ourselves.

Last Tuesday the partnership took over the lease at Finsbury Park Track and Gym facility. There have already been a few changes at the site such as a refit in the gym and decorating throughout. It is hoped that the partnerships move to charity status could open up a number of possibilities to develop the site further and improve the facilities.

Here are two websites with more information.

Community Sports Partnership to take over Finsbury Park track and tennis courts

Finsbury Park Sports Partnership page

This is a huge step for the club. Ultimately it could help the Blitz emulate rugby clubs with our own facility and income. In the first instance you may not notice many changes but what we would hope to see happen is that we all take more pride in Finsbury Park and make sure that we are part of making it better.

This development paves the way for the Finsbury Park Sports Partnership to develop the facilities within Finsbury Park Track and Gym in the coming years which will benefit both the athletes and spectators.

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