Wednesday, 1 May 2013

National League Power Rankings

1. Manchester Titans
Manchester’s 60-0 decimation of the former Premiership Leicester Falcons (who were at number two in our Power Rankings last week) force themselves above the Farnham Knights, who are yet to play a game. It was an impressive result, that’s for sure but there is more to come from Manchester, after all they still have a couple of injured players to return including first string Tight End Jonathan Homer. The Titans must keep themselves grounded but with such a win comes dreams of an undefeated season. Who will stop them? Shropshire? Chester?

2. Farnham Knights
The Knights will play their first game of competitive football in over a year as they kick off against the Solent Thrashers this coming weekend. Can they reclaim the top spot of our Power Rankings, which has been taken from them before they’ve even thrown a ball in anger?
3. Gateshead Senators
Still just the one game in the bag for the Senators, the 13-7 victory over the Clyde Valley Blackhawks, but as we at DC Towers keep saying, the Senators are not a big scoring team but one that grinds out results with their small but resilient squad.

4. Oxford Saints
Another team that is yet to play a game but one that moves up due to the drop of the Leicester Falcons.

5. Solent Thrashers
Read above. Can they match up against number 2 Farnham this weekend? Or will we see them drop off our Power Rankings next week?

6. Shropshire Revolution
No game this past weekend but the 2&0 Revolution move up again because of the Falcons’ demise. Representatives of Shropshire were scouting at Manchester this weekend, could the Revolution-Titans games be the matches to watch out for in the National Leagues this year?

7. Bedfordshire Blue Raiders
Again, no game this past weekend for the Blue Raiders. 2&0 and a 58:0 points for and against ratio would normally have a team higher but a narrow 6-0 win over the Essex Spartans was padded out by the blowout of Maidstone.

8. Watford Cheetahs
A 46-0 victory over the Maidstone Pumas takes the Cheetahs to 2&0 after their impressive 26-22 win over MK Pathfinders. Can they continue their great early season form to move up in the Power Rankings?

9. Kent Exiles
The Exiles got underway this weekend with a Saturday Night Lights game against fierce rivals, the Essex Spartan. They came away with a 20-12 win that, although less than convincing, sets them off to a good start in the division. Can they capitalize?

10. Bristol Apache
Welcome to the Power Rankings, Apache! Bristol took down the rookie Swindon Storm team 24-7 this past week to take them to 2&0. Can they remain here or move up during the season? Doubtful with the Knights, Centurions and Sharks all yet to show their hands in the division this season, but Bristol certainly look to have improved on last year.

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  1. Apache beat Swindon 26-7. But YAY Power Rankings!


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