Friday, 21 June 2013

Euro American Challenge

Europlayers in partnership with EUROstopwatch, MMX and CDFL is pleased to announce the Euro American Challenge on December, 20th 2013.
This friendly game will be played in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA) with 70 players from Europe and America with a live stream web cast and exposure to NFL and CFL Scouts to give these elect players the chance to live their dream. The American team will be made of current professional football free agents whereas the Euro squad will consist of the top American football players in Europe.
To select the best 35 European players combines will be organized throughout Europe from September to November. These 35 European players will fly to the United States in December to play in the Euro American Challenge game.

We can now confirm the following dates for the combines:
-September, 15th: Reus near Barcelona, Spain (hosted by the Imperials Reus)
-September, 22nd: Turin, Italy (hosted by the Giaguari)
-October, 6th: Villepinte near Paris, France (hosted by the Diables Rouges)
-other: if you are a European club and want to host one of our combines (we basically need access to the field and to the changing rooms for a few hours) please contact us for more information. The more teams participate, the better for the players as they won't need to travel too far to attend a combine.
These combines are open to any European players aged 18 or over.
What you will get:
-Personal evaluation with official stats.
-Official stats and film published on Europlayers.
-Official stats and film sent to the 1,000+ teams registered on Europlayers.
-A 1-month Premium membership giving you full access to Europlayers.
-A chance to be selected for the Euro American Challenge and play in the US in front of NFL and CFL scouts!
During the combines each player will be evaluated (Bench Press, 10/20/40 Yard Dash, 3 Cone Drill, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, NFL Shuttle, Position Drills) with the same equipment that the NFL uses. The combines are organized by EUROstopwatch. You can see one of their combines (in Florida last year) on YouTube:

How much does it cost? Only 50 Euros! To register simply follow this link:
The best 35 players selected to participate in the Euro American Challenge game will be contacted by email and their name will be published on Europlayers a few days after the last combine.
Note that you can still attend a combine to be evaluated even if you don't want to participate in the Euro American Challenge.

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