Friday, 21 June 2013

National League Power Rankings, Week 10

1. Colchester Gladiators (4-0)
No game for the Glads this week so they remain top for another week but the Thrashers and Nighthawks are chasing them down hard.
2. Solent Thrashers (5-0)
Not a convincing win this weekend but the Solent Thrashers remained unbeaten with a 20-6 win over the new boys, the Swindon Storm. They’re taking the South by storm, the newly rebranded Solent side, and they’ll be looking to continue in good form until the end of the season.
3. Merseyside Nighthawks (5-0)
A 22-8 win over Staffordshire got the job done for Merseyside but it’s far from a pretty score line. Are the injuries we heard about starting to take a toll on the Nighthawks? Or was this just a one-off slip? Or is that we’re being disrespectful to the Surge on a great showing? Up next for Merseyside is the Bombers in Lincolnshire.

4. Gateshead Senators (4-0-1)
For a team that “doesn’t score much on offence” the Gateshead Senators aren’t doing badly! They put 41 more points on Dundee this week as well as another strike in the win column. The Senators are rolling right now.
5. Chester Romans (3-1)
No game for Chester so they stick around in our top 5, falling a place after Gateshead’s win.
6. Bristol Apache (5-1)
No game for the Apache this weekend but they’re looking good for their 5-1 record.
7. Bedfordshire Blue Raiders (4-1)
Another team with no game this weekend gone. They have to wait another week until MK Pathfinders too, will they still be at 7 in our Powers by then?
8. Shropshire Revolution (3-1)
No game for Shropshire this weekend past so they hang around at number 8. The game against Crewe was postponed so they now have to wait for the game against Manchester for their shot at moving up the board.
9. Kent Exiles (4-1)
No game, no movement for the Exiles.
10. Gloucester Centurions (3-1)
Taking the place of the losing DC Presidents is the Gloucester Centurions. They’ve been on and off our list this year but a solid 22-17 win over the tough (well, mostly tough if you excuse the odd dive) Cornish Sharks, gets them back on it. They head to Cornwall next to take on the Sharks again in the rematch.


  1. Nighthawks clearly going to go down the rankings soon enough, losing valuable players to injury and spirit within the team is breaking apart.

  2. Spirit in the Nighthawks camp seems pretty good to me, but then you'd expect that from a team with a 6-0 record who have won two of their games without conceding a point. And the atmosphere at the home games just gets better and better each game.


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