Thursday, 6 June 2013

GFL Predictions

Cologne Falcons at Dresden Monarchs
Cologne took a beating last week versus the Berlin Rebels and only managing to score once, whilst Dresden didn't even allow their opponents to score! Dresden are a very serious contender for the German title this year  look unstoppable this season, led by my favorite import at the moment Jeff Welsh is the more athletic Tom Brady of Europe.  At 33 years old Welsh is still getting it done in the toughest league in Europe. . Cologne are really slipping they’ve now got two progressively worse loses under their belt and are likely to gain another this week. Dresden

Whilst the Austrians have more fineness the Germans have more grit and experience. Jeff Welsh is the commander in chief of this league right now, Dresden have done well to pick up his brain and arm whilst his legs and speed are complimented with ex-Baltic Hurricane partner Trevar Deed. Cologne Falcons will be hard done by to score in this match up.
Dresden by 5 scores

Wiesbaden Phantoms at Schwaebisch Hall Unicorns
How the mighty have fallen 2 wins 2 loses for the Unicorns a very unpredictable start to the season for the 2 time national champions. I mean what am I supposed to do? Predict the most likely to be relegated teams to beat the most likely to be in the German Bowl team, give me a break. My faith in them is starting to run out, people are saying “They only lost by 1 point each time” but the teams they’re losing to shouldn’t be getting anywhere near them. It’s worrying times for Unicorn fans, lets not forget that the last two seasons Schwaebisch lost their first game of the season and both times went on to win the final, but now this is getting silly, first Franken now Marburg? 

Wiesbaden, are by no stretch of the imagination a German Bowl team, they just aren’t at that stage in their timeline yet, but how can I write them off so quickly against Schwaebisch Hall who seem to be faltering at the supposedly struggling teams in their division? I’m not a fan of Wiesbaden, but I would like to see them get more creative with their imports and offense. The traditional ‘buying an NCAA quarterback then running a spread offense with an NCAA receiver being the go to guy’ route just isn’t the way to go anymore. If Wiesbaden want to get serious in this league they need to rethink their strategy, build around what they have and go from there. However I doubt it will help them this week.
Unicorns by 3 scores
Munich Cowboys at Stuttgart Scorpions
Munich and Stuttgart are both mid table teams, by that I mean they’re likely to finish mid table as well as spend the entire season in the middle of the table. So for them this could be the difference between finishing 4th or 5th.

These teams are fairly equally matched, Stuttgart have impressed me this year beating Wiesbaden twice, whilst Munich are yet to dazzle me they do have a decent crop of Germans which is always good to see. This should be quite a close game, but I’m going to go with Stuttgart based on their form.
Stuttgart by 2 scores

Berlin Adler at Dusseldorf Panthers
Berlin had a rocky start to the season with a loss to cross city rivals Berlin Rebels and two losses in a row to the Baltic Hurricanes. It’s not been a good season so far for Wanja Muller (HC) and the Adler. But Dusseldorf have shown many signs of worsening this year. After losing to Cologne in their season opener it just didn’t get better with following loses to Kiel and Dresden, the Panthers are pretty low right now and it isn’t looking good. Berlin are a tough experienced team and shouldn’t have any problems defeating the Panthers.
Berlin by 2 scores

Brunswick Lions at Hamburg Blue Devils

The Blue Devils suffered a tough defeat at the hands of the Monarchs to kick off their season. This has been their only game so far. The Lions have also only played one game but they beat the Rebels who bested the Adler. So in a chain of statistics, it looks good for Brunswick. 

Hamburg have had good imports for the last few years ending with Paul Roberts at QB and the infamous EU legend Tory Cooper at RB. But they’ve moved on now and Hamburg need to find some decent replacements, we’re yet to see the true talent of their new QB, hopefully he will show us versus Brunswick.
Brunswick by 1 score

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes at Berlin Rebels
Ahh, everyone loves Kiel. They’ve got cool jerseys, a dynamic interesting offense, awesome imports, pure professionalism and the closest thing to an NFL team as you can get in Europe. Patrick Esume (HC) is renowned around Germany for his coaching talents. 

The Rebels who have to fight with the Adler for talent have been static for a while now, they seem not to move up or down the tables. But this year, after beating the Adler they are looking stronger.  But nowhere near strong enough for possible 2013 German Champions.
Kiel by 3 scores

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