Friday, 7 June 2013

Premiership Predictions, Week Nine

Premiership North

Lancashire Wolverines vs. Coventry Jets
We admit we got a bit high on the Jets early in the season, but in reality they've done little more than beat the Caesars (who hasn't?). A trip to Lancashire to face an improved Wolverines outfit will be a good barometer for where they are really at this season.

Lancashire are back to 1-1 after a good result against Birmingham, so it'll be good to see how they go in this one against a team they were better than in 2012. These games are the ones that'll sort out the order of that middle pack in the North, and (in Lancs' case) a potential shot at the #4 seed in the play

We'll go Lancashire on this one, and Coventry's woes to continue.

Lancashire by two scores

Birmingham Bulls vs. Yorkshire Rams
We trailed this as a snoozefest the other week, but in reality it'll probably just be a standard game of Premiership North football. However, rather than focus on how neither of these teams can seem to score more than once, we'll big up their strong defences.

Both teams are in a transitional season, with the Bulls introducing a new coaching staff, the Rams a new offence. We tipped the Rams as dark horses for the season, so we'll go with them in this one.

Yorkshire by two (2-0?)

Tamworth Phoenix vs. West Coast Trojans
Their shut-out streak was stopped by Nottingham last weekend, but in reality Tamworth are really beginning to flex their muscles. The addition of Dan Conroy to their backfield just enhances the notion that they are the most likely pretenders to East Kilbride's northern crown.

West Coast are struggling. Like, really struggling. Things have gone very well for them over the bast two seasons, but this year is a different animal with so many key players missing. Expect them to battle bravely with little success.

Tamworth by four scores

Premiership South

Ipswich Cardinals vs. London Blitz
Ipswich get back into action, but unfortunately for them the next two weeks of action are against the Blitz and Warriors. We can’t see this going any other way but a high scoring first half for the blitz, with slightly less in the second, with lots of backups getting play time.

The playoff structure now confirms the two lowest seeded premiership teams (North and South) will get demoted, Ipswich are a candidate and will have to weather the storm of the next two weeks to go into games like South Wales with the possibility of winning.
Blitz by six scores

South Wales Warriors vs. London Warriors
The Warrior bowl has been a long awaited matchup since the London Cobras became the London Warriors. While this matchup promises to bring out the best in both teams for bragging rights over the Warrior name, it will no doubt be a rather one sided affair.
South Wales have looked rather mediocre so far, losing out to the Division 2 Saxons, and while having a seemingly effective running game against Sussex, still being unable to score. At least they are at home.
Warriors (London) by five scores

Peterborough Saxons vs. Sussex Thunder
One of the more interesting matchups this week sees two of last year's finalists square up in a division where they haven't looked like repeating last year's success. Peterborough have climbed up the power rankings this week due to their performance against the Warriors previously, and Sussex have slid down after their beat down at the hands of the Aztecs.

Peterborough get the home field advantage in this game, which could sway the balance in what promises to be a closely fought game. However, we think Sussex will be embarrassed by such a big loss and wanting to retain some dignity, and will come out fighting harder.
Sussex by two scores

London Olympians vs. Berkshire Renegades
A tale of four teams here. Berkshire narrowly lost to East Kent, who in turn gave the Olympians a good matchup this past week. However, Berkshire got taught a lesson in football by the Warriors, and will be somewhat humbled and potentially sore.

The Olympians will have identified areas of weakness and looked to plug the gaps. Given the momentum shift in the favour of the Olympians the game will not be as close as the East Kent game was.
Olympians by four scores

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