Tuesday, 15 November 2011

NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

Green Bay Packers (9-0)
The only undefeated team this season and they seem determined to be the first team to win back to back Superbowl’s. Aaron Rodgers is putting up silly numbers spreading the ball around (Favre who?) and the defence has improved with the return of players missing last season due to injury.

San Francisco 49ers (8-1)
With a 7 point victory over the Giants, the 49ers find themselves 2nd in the first Double Coverage NFL rankings. With Jim Harbaugh working his magic in the Bay area and a stout defence the 49ers should lock up the NFC West in no time and possibly the number 2 seed in the NFC.

Houston Texans (7-3)
Wow just wow, that’s all we can say about the Texans victory over the Bucs. With the number 1 seed in the AFC and no competition in the AFC South it looks like the Texans will be heading to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. The news about Schaub being injured shouldn’t affect the Texans chances of winning with a solid run game and the number 1 ranked defence in the NFL.

New Orleans Saints (7-3)
The Saints just keep winning!  With Drew Brees and Sean Payton running the show (plus some help from the Falcons) the Saints earned an overtime victory over division rivals the Atlanta Falcons last weekend. They will be hoping they don’t suffer from the bye week blues that have affected so many teams this season.
Baltimore Ravens (6-3)
You want to beat the Ravens? Play them the week after they play the Steelers! Even though they lost this week to the Seahawks, we still have the Ravens at number 5 in our rankings. A victory this weekend over the Bengals should see them return to the top of the AFC North, surely they can manage that….right?

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)
The Steelers got a huge victory over division opponents the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend, a week after the loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The victory is the main reason the Steelers find themselves on our top 10 rankings, a bye this week followed with a trip to the Chiefs in week 12 should keep the Steelers seated in our top 10 for a while. 

New York Giants (6-3)
Even though they lost to the 49ers, the Giants still had a chance to win going into the final drive of the game. Unfortunately Eli Manning couldn’t pull off another game tying winning drive in a row. The Giants earn the number 7 seed as they are still top of the NFC East and lost to an 8-1 team. A victory next week over the Eagles could see them move up in the rankings purely for ending the “dream teams” playoff hopes and dreams!
New England Patriots (6-3)
“The Patriots can’t defend the pass, the Patriots are ranked 32nd in defence” Clearly this isn’t holding the Patriots back as they lead the AFC East by a game after manhandling the New York Jets. Analysts and Experts seem to forget that the Patriots lost their last two games to the Steelers and Giants (7-3 and 6-3 respectively). After this week’s victory we expect the Pats to regain their 5-1 form and comfortably win their division.

Chicago Bears (6-3)
Even when Devin Hester is ill he still returns touchdowns for fun! The Bears got a huge victory over the Lions this weekend to extend their win streak to four games. If Chicago can keep up this form they should easily make the playoffs again. (They also need to pay Matt Forte sometime soon).

Detroit Lions (6-3)
The embarrassing loss to Chicago may result in a red faces for Lions players, but hopefully the Lions can re find their focus to avoid a second half collapse. Veteran players need to step up and get this team back to winning ways and someone other than Calvin Johnson needs to make plays on offence.

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  1. "The only undefeated team this season and they seem determined to be the first team to win back to back Superbowl’s."

    There are several teams who have won back to back Superbowls. New England and Denver recently, and several of the dynasty teams before them.


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