Tuesday, 15 November 2011

BUAFL Week 2 Top 10 Power Rankings

Another week of the BUAFL season is done and dusted which means it’s time for Double Coverage’s BUAFL top 10 power rankings.
The number of postponements has already increased from week one to week two and we are hoping that every team will complete all of their games this year.

Herts and London Blitz RB Temi Oduyemi - Photography by Gary Neesam

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (2-0)
Another game and another 50 points scored by the ‘Canes offence. This week’s unfortunate recipients were the UEA Pirates who finished ranked #21 nationally last year. If the team continues on this current form we believe no team will be able to keep pace with Hertfordshire this season.

2. Portsmouth Destroyers (2-0)
We had the Destroyers game against BNU as our Double Coverage game of the week and it didn’t disappoint. A well-earned 10 point victory over BNU is an impressive feat for the reigning national champs and what’s more impressive is the Portsmouth D holding the potent Buccaneers offence to a measly 16 points.

3. Birmingham Lions (1-0)
No game this week for the Lions, so no movement up or down for last year’s finalists (they did hold a scrimmage vs Worcester, but Worcester forfeited due to injuries). Next week’s game against the Coventry Jets will be the first time these two universities have faced each other.

4. Loughborough Aces (1-0)
We were expecting the Outlaws to give the Aces more competition in this weekend’s matchup but that simply wasn’t the case and the comprehensive 34-0 victory shows that the Aces haven’t skipped a beat since the loss of Coach Jason Scott after last season. Until their matchup with Derby, the Aces should continue to beat their lesser standard of opponents and hold their place in the rankings.

5. Sheffield Hallam (1-0)
No game for Hallam this week which allows the other teams in the Northern Conference sit at the top of the Conference for a week or two. Next week’s opponents Lancaster have currently conceded 98 points in two games so we fully expect a huge victory for Sheffield.

6. UWE Bullets (1-0)
The SWAC holders had this week off due to byes meaning they don’t move in our power rankings. Unless there is a couple of upsets this weekend we don’t see UWE around too much in the future as the teams above them are so strong this year.

7. Newcastle Raiders (2-0)
We were torn whether to move the Raiders up or not this week, but a narrow victory for the ‘Cuda and no game for Kent meant the Raiders get the nod for the number 7 spot. Another comprehensive victory for the Raiders shows they should return back to the Championship playoffs! A ridiculously easy schedule certainly helps them in this regard.

8. Bristol Barracuda (1-0)
A one score victory for the ‘Cuda over second year team Bath Spa was less than impressive, which means they find themselves moving down a spot. A matchup again the Exeter Demons will show if the ‘Cuda are ready for a return to playoff football or if they have regressed from last year.

9. Kent Falcons (1-0)
Another team who were on a bye this week (seriously what’s going on with the schedules) means the Falcons move down to the number 9 position. A win over Brighton should help the Falcons retain a top 10 position.

10. UH Sharks (2-0)
This week we see a new entry to the Double Coverage top 10! Last year’s plate runners up have found themselves replacing the Glasgow after the Tigers shock loss to Edinburgh. The Sharks dominating victory over new team the Bradford Bears shows once again this team means business. 30-0 and 36-8 victories indicate the Sharks are either on their way to the Championship playoffs or they are benefitting from poor opposition so far.

That’s our top 10 power rankings done for this week but we have a shout out for a few other teams...Stirling Clansmen, Bangor Muddogs, York Centurions, Northampton Nemesis, Imperial Immortals, Southampton Stags and Essex Blades are all off to impressive 2-0 starts, if they can keep up this good form they may eventually make it into our power rankings.

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  1. stags are also 2-0 and have put up good numbers on offence...where's the shoutout???

  2. This is why I shouldn't do rankings whilst watching Monday Night Football.

    Will edit and include the shoutout for the Stags.

  3. Shouldn't portsmouths narrow win over BNU move them down being say ACES who took apart a Notts outfit?

  4. where are the stags blad?


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