Tuesday, 6 December 2011

NFL Week 13 Review

After an outstanding 13-3 prediction record over Thanksgiving weekend, it seems that this week’s predictions may not have been as good as previous weeks.

Overall record = 42-18 (70%)

Thursday Night Football

PHI Eagles lost to SEA Seahawks by 17

Original Prediction: The Eagles to win by 10.

My predictions for week 13 couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start than they did with this misjudgement. What makes it worse is that I even disagreed with Jon over the outcome and was certain the Eagles would win. Against a poor Philly D, Marshawn Lynch ran for 148 yards and 2 TD’s.

Record = 0-1

 6PM GMT Games

TEN Titans beat BUF Bills by 6

Original Prediction: Titans to win by 6.

My first perfect prediction of the week as the Titans beat the Bills by 6 points! With the Titans finally getting the production from Chris Johnson they are used to seeing, Tennessee may just steal a playoff spot in the AFC right at the death. Unfortunately for Buffalo the dream is over, they’re just playing for pride now.

Record = 1-1

KC Chiefs beat Chicago Bears by 7

Original Prediction: The Bears to win by 9.

As I said in my prediction “don’t be surprised to see Kyle Orton make his Chiefs debut against his former team”. Well we saw Orton take the field for one play which resulted in an injury for the Chiefs QB. Ultimately though, it was the Bears who ended up losing the contest by 7 points and dropping to 7-5. To make matters worse it seems that Matt Forte may be out for a while with a sprained MCL.

Record = 1-2

ATL Falcons lost to HOU Texans by 7

Original Prediction: The Texans to win by 3.

My predictions got back on track with a win for Houston. Despite starting rookie QB T.J. Yates and losing Andre Johnson to injury once again, it was the Texans rushing game and dominating defence that extended the win streak to six straight. The Texans now sit comfortably with the number 2 seed in the AFC standings with a 9-3 record.

Record = 2-2

OAK Raiders lost to MIA Dolphins by 20

Original Prediction: Miami to spring an upset and win by 4.

Well the prediction may have been correct, but I didn’t see this type of humiliation happening. The Raiders allowed 21 points in the 3rd quarter alone and didn’t score until the 4th when the game was all but over. If Miami hadn’t have started so poorly, they would be one of the teams to fear heading towards the playoffs.

Record = 3-2

DEN Broncos beat MIN Vikings by 3

Original Prediction: Denver Broncos keep on rolling and win by 4.

Why did I predict by 4?!? I should’ve guessed it would come down to a FG once again. I said in my predictions that Tebow now has the opportunity to show he can throw the ball in the NFL against the Vikes and what did he do? He threw for 200+ yards and two TDs. They might not be winning conventionally, but I guarantee everyone on the Broncos roster would rather be winning with the Tebow offence instead of losing with a NFL suited offence. Ponder sealed the game by throwing a last minute pick, it was the Christian thing to do…

Record = 4-2

IND Colts lost to NE Patriots by 7

Original prediction: Patriots to win by 25.

I know I predicted a high score and until the 4th quarter it looked like a solid prediction, then the Patriots defence remembered how to play badly (Ed: looked to me like they were just playing prevent and seeing out the game) and gave up three 4th quarter TDs. Rob Gronkowski equalled an NFL record with his 13th TD reception of the year (tying with Vernon Davis and Antonio Gates). A late TD was rule a rushing TD to deny Gronk his 14th receiving TD of the year.

Record = 5-2

CIN Bengals lost to PIT Steelers by 28

Original prediction: The Steelers to win by 7.

Another unexpected blowout in the AFC this week as the Steelers manhandled the Bengals. Big Ben, Mendenhall and Wallace exploited the error prone Bengals to score 28 points in the 2nd quarter, these points ultimately ended up being the difference in the game. The Bengals now find themselves in a fight for a wildcard berth in the AFC.

Record = 6-2

CAR Panthers beat TB Buccaneers by 19

Original Prediction: Tampa Bay gets back to winning ways with an 8 point victory.

Tampa Bay are exactly the same as the Eagles when it comes to my predictions. Whenever I predict them to win, they go on to lose. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. Rushing for three more TD’s, Cam Newton set an NFL record for the number of rushing TD’s by a QB in a single season. Cam did it all this week as he threw for a TD, rushed for three TDs and even caught a pass on a TD drive, this kid can play! Shame he only has one or two other teammates who can as well...

Record = 6-3

NY Jets beat WAS Redskins by 15

Original prediction: Redskins to win by 6.

I went with Rex Grossman in the matchup of the worst QB’s in the NFL (Ed: I’m sensing a slight bias against the Jets…) ; in the end it was the “Sanchize” who would walk away the winner from this battle. Behind a three rushing TD performance by Shonn Greene, the Jets now find themselves at 7-5 with a realistic chance of being in the playoffs once again...(seriously how do they keep on doing it with an awful, awful QB).

Record = 6-4

9PM GMT Games

BAL Ravens beat CLE Browns by 14

Original prediction: Ravens finally find a way to beat weaker opponents with a 10 point victory.

Another solid prediction as the Ravens finally managed a way to win a trap game the week after beating playoff contenders. How did the Ravens pull off this victory? The remembered they have a top 10 running back named Ray Rice and allowed him to rush 29 times, the end result? 204 rushing yards and 1 TD. If Baltimore wants to return to the Superbowl, they will need to rely heavily on Ray Rice when QB Joe Flacco passes for a measly 158 yards...

Record = 7-4

DAL Cowboys lost to ARI Cardinals by 6

Original prediction: Dallas to continue their good form with a 12 point victory.

Oh Dallas, you sure do know how to annoy me! Although when your head coach ices your own kicker you deserve to lose (Ed: It’s tradition for the Cowboys to play Thanksgiving and then suck for the rest of the season!). Kevin Kolb returned to the starting QB spot for the Cards and it would be his only TD pass of the game that would prove to be the difference in overtime.

Record = 7-5

GB Packers beat NY Giants by 3

Original prediction: Packers to win by 14.

I expected Aaron Rodgers to blow away New York’s weak secondary after the Giants poor show against the Saints last week, but that was not the case. A dubious non-TD call on a pass from Manning to Ballard in the 1st quarter could have altered the outcome of this matchup and potentially may have ended the Packers unbeaten run. This wasn’t to be as Rodgers engineered a game winning drive with only: 58 seconds remaining for the Packers win.

Remember though, the last time the Giants lost 38-35 to an unbeaten team, New York would end up beating them in the playoffs...Just saying.

Record = 8-5

STL Rams lost to SF 49ers by 26

Original prediction: 49ers to win by 17.

This matchup wasn’t that hard to predict at all, it was the final score line that was the problem for me. Alex Smith threw two second half touchdowns and Frank Gore became the all time 49ers leading rusher as San Fran sealed the NFC West division and finally returned to the playoffs since 2002. Aldon Smith gets top marks this week for his sack celebration on 4th down. No doubt he'll still get fined for this...

Record = 9-5

1.20AM GMT Game

DET Lions lost to NO Saints by 14

Original prediction: Saints by 14.

It was looking grim, but I secured my second perfect prediction of the week as the Saints won this late night slobber knocker. Once again the Lions forgot that the league rules don’t apply to them as they racked up 11 penalties for 107 yards. Drew Brees continued his MVP calibre season (if Rodgers wasn’t on fire, Brees would get my vote) with a 26/36 performance for 342 yards and 3 touchdowns. Don’t be surprised if the Saints face off with the Packers in the NFC Championship.

Record = 10-5

Monday Night Football

SD Chargers bear JAC Jaguars by 24

Original prediction: Jacksonville get Tucker off to a great start with a 6 point victory.

San Diego finally broke their six game skid after rumours Norv Turner and GM A.J Smith were to be
fired at the end of the season. Phillip Rivers threw 3 TD’s either side of half time to secure the game
for the Chargers. Blaine Gabbert was having his best half of football in the first half until he threw an
interception that led to the Chargers 3rd TD, but at least he compelted a pass to a BIG MAN WITH FOOTBALL! This is what linemen dream about at night.

Record = 10-6

Overall record = 52-24 (68%)

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