Friday, 20 January 2012

BUAFL Predictions

The only game in BUAFL this weekend sees Lincoln Colonials (2-1) visit Nottingham Trent Renegades. With the Navy and Pink at 2-2 following the opening day loss to Birmingham and a last-gasp heartbreaker against Derby, they will be all to aware that a slip against Lincoln effectively ends their post season hopes.

They will also be well aware that their remaining schedule holds bigger battles that this - particularly with a potentially crucial Superbowl Sunday clash with inter-city rivals Nottingham - but will still rely on full-back Danny Miller to do the legwork on offence as they bid to keep their season alive. Defensively, their strength lies in the backfield, with veteran safety Chris O'Dea marshalling a defence that includes one of the fastest defensive backs in the league in Marcus Boswell.

With the Colonials only serious offensive threat coming in the form of playmaking wide receiver Alex Preece, the battle between him and Boswell will be intriguing.

Lincoln, meanwhile, sit somewhat surprisingly with a winning record, but - while they have improved this season to beat Leicester and MAC whipping boys Worcester - they are not yet of the level required to seriously test NTU. If they can get the ball into the hands of Preece, then there is every chance they can notch up a couple of scores, but even with one eye on Varsity, the Renegades should have enough for a comfortable win.

Renegades by four scores.

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  1. Super Bowl, two separate words. Just so you know for future reference.

  2. Final: NTU Renegades 52-6 Lincoln Colonials.

    Dominant performance from NTU. Their offensive struggles against Derby seemed long forgotten, with FB Danny Miller accounting for exactly half of the Renegades points (3 TDs, 4 2pt conversions) and giant wide receiver Jerome Edwards snaffling two touchdown grabs.

    I only saw the first half, during which Lincoln showed the occasional spark of offence, but nothing prolonged until the final minutes of the half, when they drove around 80 yards -only to throw a pick in the endzone as time expired.

    Thank you to James Muller for the information on scorers and the second half text updates.

    1. Tom Snee, Dbl Coverage contributor23 January 2012 at 15:39

      The Renegades' take on proceedings;


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