Thursday, 23 February 2012

BUAFL Week 11 Predictions: SEC

We are starting to get into the meat and potatoes of the season now, so schedules are piling up! First set of predictions this week are from the SEC

LSBU Spartans vs Canterbury Chargers
The Spartans, with their loss to Brighton this midweek, have seen their season reduced to nothing. They are now playing for pride and perhaps some sign that they will be looking to come back a stronger programme next year. The Chargers are still in the race for the playoffs, so it's everything to play for this game.

I think Canterbury have had somewhat of a soft schedule so far this year, and they need to be measured up against a tough opponent and this game will provide just that, as i don't see LSBU as a team that will roll over after 3 consecutive losses. I think it will be a close game, with the Spartans digging deep to pull out the win, and in the mean time pleasing the other playoff contenders in the SEC by dishing out a loss to the Chargers.
Spartans by a TD

Kent Falcons @ KCL Regents
Kent are coming off a devastating loss to the Cambridge Pythons, and now need to win out the rest of the season to have any hope of making the playoffs. With their undefeated season lost, the Falcons will be out to prove they’re still a dominant force in the SEC, and KCL look set to feel the brunt of their anger.

Kings College have been a surprising storyline in their first year as a programme with a 3-2 record, the highlight being a 34-0 win over the Pythons before Christmas. However, with up and down results, the key to this game will be whether or not they can replicate their good form on a disheartened Falcons team looking to reassert themselves.
Kent Falcons by 2 Scores 

Greenwich Mariners @ Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Hertfordshire have been an unstoppable force in the SEC this year, with a perfect 6-0 record and an unbelievable scoring average of 55 points a game. Now facing a Greenwich team that surrendered 58 points to Kent earlier in the season, they look primed to roll over yet another opponent and maintain their status as one of the leagues top teams.

The Mariners have had an average season, the 2009 Challenge Cup winners have been inconsistent on defense, with an excellent shutout against KCL and a narrow defeat to playoff hopefuls Essex. Yet after giving up 32 points in a win against LSBU last week Greenwich will struggle to contain the Canes and it will require a monumental effort from their D to weather the storm and try to keep the score respectable.
Hertfordshire Hurricanes by 40+ points.

Cambridge Pythons v UEA Pirates
The Cambridge Pythons have so far provided us with the fairytale of 2012.  With only a single overtime win in 2011 against the Anglia Ruskin Phantoms, it seemed as though Cambridge would become another of the whipping boy in the SEC. Boy how things have changed. The Pythons have fired out of the blocks this year with a 22-18 victory over the LSBU Spartans and followed this with an astonishing win over the #8 ranked Kent Falcons.

UEA Pirates on the other hand have come into the new year with a narrow loss to rivals Essex Blades, seriously damaging play off prospects for this season.  Will the fairytale story continue? I think the Pirates could be the villains to end it, looking to avenge their recent narrow loss with an away win to get their season back on track through their proven running offense led by GB running back Chris Carson.
UEA to win by a single score.


  1. what about Essex Blades vs Brunel

    1. I'm typing it up atm with the TVC predictions!

  2. We're 2-3, and it's not our first year (it's our second)

    (King's, by the way)


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