Thursday, 1 March 2012

Week 12 BUAFL Predictions: TVC

This weeks is the final opportunity for teams to stake a claim for the post season. We start off with the TVC. SWAC and SEC will be along later to join the party.

Surrey Stingers @ Portsmouth Destroyers
The miserable season for the Stingers continued as they were no match for last weekend’s opponents BNU, eventually losing 51-0. Onto this week though and Surrey may – yes, may have a small chance of pulling off the upset over the reeling Portsmouth Destroyers. If Surrey are going to stand a chance in this game, their offence will have to muster up more than a single score, something they have failed to do yet so far this season.

Despite losing three straight games, Portsmouth still have a chance of making the plate playoffs if they win this game and Reading lose to the Bucs. This game could be the chance for the Destroyers to try and find some sort of respect after scoring a miserable 16 points in their last three games. With the Stingers conceding 249 in their six games, Portsmouth should be able to put 30 points on the scoreboard for the first time this season.
Destroyers to win by five scores.

Reading Knights @ BNU Buccaneers
It’s pretty simple for the Knights – win and they’re in the playoffs, lose and it’s an off-season spent wondering what if? Their 7-0 loss to OBU ended the Knights slim hopes of taking part in the championship playoffs, but their plate playoff dream is still alive in the mess that is the TVC standings. If Reading can avenge last year’s two point loss to BNU then they will finish third in the TVC which should result in home field advantage for the first round of the playoffs.

Despite having the best points difference in the TVC (plus 140), BNU find themselves missing out on the playoffs after early season losses to OBU, Pompy and the Stags followed by their recent loss to Solent. Despite that, a victory over Reading would not only end the Knights playoff hopes, but would also see BNU finish 4-4 for the season after starting 0-3 which is pretty impressive considering all of the injuries they’ve suffered this year. If the BNU offence that has scored 50+ points three times this year can fire again the Bucs could pull off the upset victory this weekend.
Knights to scrape it by one score.

Imperial Immortal @ OBU Panthers
With a chance to cement their place in the post season, the Immortals couldn’t stop the resurgent Solent as the Redhawks defeated them 35-7, which has all but ended the Immortals chances of playoff football. Imperial can still finish on a high though as a victory over the 5-1 OBU Panthers would see them ending 5-3 for the second straight season. Although, a good performance will be required from the Imperial offence if they’re going to score on a Panthers D which has conceded the fewest points in the country.

In their first season under rookie Head Coach Nick Wykes, OBU have gone from a 1-7 basement team in the TVC to a 5-1 team who’re one win (or tie) away from locking up the number two seed in their conference. Whilst it’s the Panthers defence who is getting most of the plaudits for their turnaround season, the offence also deserves some praise. Through six games, the offence have managed to score 20 or more points in two thirds of their games and another performance like that to compliment the outstanding play of their defence should see OBU defeat Imperial to confirm their return to post season football.
OBU to win by two scores.


  1. OBU defeat Imperial to confirm their return to post season football.

    PDM - Not to take anything away from OBU and their outstanding season, but this is their second year, thus their first ever playoff season (one of many more to come I hope). The Oxford team that made the playoffs/championships before in the past were the Cavaliers. Hopefully we will see the Oxford Uni Lancers in the league and a great cross town rivalary beginning.

  2. 2nd year only in name. The team has been established and in plce for a long time. Barely anyone was lost with the lancers split.

  3. Don't you mean the Cavaliers split.

    Phil De Monte

  4. You know what I mean. Lancers forming and Cavs renaming to panthers.

  5. No, the Cav's name was retired, as per the agreement by players from both of the respected universities.

    At the end of the Cav's, the majority of the players were from Brookes but the committee was made up of people from both of the uni's.

    Both the Panthers and Lancers are new teams, seperate and individual.

    Phil De Monte

  6. Wait, didn't Phil De Monte coach the 1-7 team at Oxford Brookes last year? New coach, they go 5-1. What happened? This Wykes dude must be dropping some serious knowledge! Must suck to look on "from the sideline"...

  7. Actually Coach Wykes was the D-coordinator last year, and yes he is a very talented coach..

    Phil De Monte

  8. PDM is doing a great job with the kingston cougars, hold your judgement till next season!

  9. Ori,

    Thanks for your comments.

    People will critize, that is not an issue, nor does it bother me. What bothers me is when people don't know all the facts. If I wasn't invited back to Oxford Brookes, the opportunity with the Kingston Cougars wouldn't have materialised. When one door closes, another door opens.. Coach Wykes knows I have and will always wish the Panthers well. I am also in touch with the Lancers, and Coach Marshall knows I wish them well. I look forward to seeing both the Oxford teams in action in next seasons league play vs. the Kingston Cougars.

    Phil De Monte


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