Saturday, 16 March 2013

Challenge Trophy Predictions

Glasgow Tigers vs NTU Renegades

It would be stereotypical of me to add a video of the Proclaimers, but really this is one hell of a trek for NTU to under take. Danny Miller and Co make the journey north with the hope of a first finals appearance in the teams history. They've been highly rated all season by the DC writers and we fancied them to be pushing for the title. However the not so insignificant barrier of Glasgow stand in their way.

Putting aside the slightly shifty film habits (or lack of sharing film habits) Glasgow have shown and some questionable refereeing at times against BNU, credit has to be given to the Tigers. Only one team had held BNU to under 20 points this seasons and they largely shut down running back Danny Wallace.

This week they will have to shut down Danny Miller, dual threat phenom that scores with his feet and has been known to throw the ball every now and then. Rumors are that the NTU offence may be a little dinged up though, so that could really throw things into the mixer!

Almost an NTU clean sweep, but again it's another game that could be closer than people think.

Southampton Stags vs Leeds Celtics

A team that many (including us) had down as TVC champions and national title contenders, the Stags confidently dispatched Manchester in last weeks game. They will be expecting nothing less than a finals appearance and with a strong defence giving their offence plenty of good field position we can expect Leeds may struggle.

Southampton are healthy on offence once more and QB Dana Neale will  be looking to maintain the current run to add some silverware to the stags trophy cabinet.

No game for Leeds last week despite the best efforts of everyone involved to get the game played midweek instead. You have to wonder if the shortened week will effect either team, as neither of them knew who was playing who until Leed's were officially declared winners on Wednesday.

As a team with national Championship caliber, we expect Southampton to win this one comfortably.

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  1. What were the dodgy ref calls?


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