Saturday, 16 March 2013

National Championship Predictions

It's getting closer now!

With only one weekends worth of fixtures left before the final there are some very interesting games set up. Some may think that calling them is easy, however if anything this post season has shown us that nothing is guaranteed!

Scoring so far is fairly even, with Simon Love streaking ahead into the lead with 15 correct predictions and three upsets picks as well. His only incorrect pick so far has been BNU over Glasgow. Pikachu brings up the tail with a woeful 9 points.

Derby Braves vs Birmingham Lions

Last year this would have been a forgone conclusion in the MAC. Derby struggled to compete in a division with NTU, Loughborough and Birmingham and were often the bridesmaids, but never the brides. What a difference a trip up north makes! This game gives Derby an opportunity to dispell the myth that that northern football just isn't up to it. 
Stirling helped part eliminate last week in their game vs Birmingham who appeared to struggle on offence in the conditions, but losing Tristan Varney is always going to take time to adjust to. Birmingham will continue to show the imperious form that has seen them reach so many finals and we can full expect a multicolored Dan Conroy to be a large part of any kind of victory.

Derby will be looking to get the ball downfield and challenge a secondary that was beaten several times by Stirling, but may struggle to establish the run game against one of the strongest front sevens in the league.

DC Writers are predicting a Lions win, but Derby may keep it closer than you think!

Hertfordshire Hurricanes vs Bath Killer Bees

Beware those deadly Bees! Fresh off a upset victory over Loughborough the Bee's travelled north to Hull and promptly knocked them out as well. Riding a strong defence and an awful uniform the Bees will be hoping to shut down "Joe and Co" and keep the game close.

Their offence struggled to get going and they will have to put on considerably more points if the Herts offence is on the form it has shown all season.

Herts are really showing the chemistry that won them the national championship last year. The Sabres played a hard physical game, but just were not able to break through an incredibly stingy defence. 

Can the Bees do it again? We predict not, but stranger things have happened!

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  1. Should be a great couple of games. All teams deserve to be here


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