Friday, 1 March 2013

DCW Top 25 Poll

1 Hertfordshire +1
2 Birmingham -1
3 Loughborough -
4 Derby -
5 Stirling -
6 Hull -
7 Sheffield +1
8 Bath -1
9 Portsmouth +2
10 UWE -1
11 Kingston -1
12 NTU +3
13 Southampton -1
14 BNU +5
15 Warwick +1
16 UEA +4
17 Carnegie -
18 Cambridge -4
19 Gloucester +4
20 Kent -6
21 Manchester -
22 Glasgow -4
23 Plymouth -
24 Swansea NEW
25 Leeds –

The final writer’s poll of the season and there is a change at the top as the Hertfordshire Hurricanes claim the number one spot after finishing the season undefeated once again. This change at the top is quite surprising considering that the Lions last game was against the Loughborough Aces, the number three team in our rankings. Really it is too close to call between the top two teams, the fairest would be to have them tied at the top.

Portsmouth have broken into the top ten standings after their impressive run at the end of the season, leapfrogging Kingston in both the TVC standings and our writer’s poll. An impressive four wins from four in a week certainly helped them move up, hopefully they're not too worn down for the post season!

The top three climbers in this week’s rankings are BNU who moved up five spots, UEA and Gloucester who both moved up four spots with victories over Kent and Bristol respectively. All teams will be competing in the National Trophy playoffs this weekend and it will be interesting to see how they do.

Speaking of Kent, the Falcons slide down six places in our rankings following their huge loss against the Pirates last weekend and they get a trip to Manchester as a reward. Glasgow and Cambridge also drop down following their losses.

The only new team in this week’s rankings are the Swansea Titans who have finally received some recognition following their impressive run to the end of the season. 

The only playoff team missing from the top 25 are Edinburgh, who received no votes from any of our writers.


  1. Note Newcastle remain off any recognition despite a very strong end to season (comfortable win over Carnegie included).Not bad considering 2/3 team and full coaching staff change from last year!Will see how next year goes as most return.

    1. They did get a number of votes, but narrowly missed out. I'm sure they'll be back with a vengeance next season!

  2. I don't understand how Plymouth are above Swansea when they both finished 5-3, Swansea scored more, conceded less and won the head to head by four scores.

  3. Glasgow drop following their loss (to the national #5 ranked team) so #18 play #5 and lose how does that make a worse team - this list is nonsense.


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