Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Final Interview: Marcus Boswell

His face has been grinning maniacally at you on numerous Inkspot media highlight videos, but as president of NTU he has helped lead the fourth year program to the Challenge Trophy final. We spoke with GB and NTU Corner back (among other things) Marcus Boswell...

DC: After two years of losing in the post season you've finally made it. How does it feel to be a finalist? How important is it for a young program like NTU to get their first trophy?

It was easy to see how much it meant to the lads at the final whistle [last weekend], every single player and coach ran onto the pitch in a burst of excitement because everyone knows the struggle we've had before at that hurdle. Thankfully this time we jumped over it!

We feel like this will boost the reputation of our programme; it may only be in it's fourth year but already the team has left an impact on the league and we want to be known as a great programme. Winning the first trophy will no doubt help us achieve that title of a great programme, not just team.

DC: Anything particularly new in the build up to such a big game?

No not really! We haven't changed our style at any point during the post season or even during the regular season; we look at our opponents in as much depth as we can in all three phases of the game and talk about our different positions and how we can look to beat the man in front of us.

We have been sorting out how we are going to get as much support up in Leeds with us as possible which is slightly difficult seeing as many of those who wanted to come to the game are setting off for Sports Tour on Saturday morning, but we hope to get plenty of support down all the same from our Alumni and WAGS!

DC: A lot of people presume your entire team is reliant on Danny Miller, can you give us a few other names to look out for?

Everybody knows Danny because he is an elite player and athlete, in my eyes there is no shame in our team having the reputation because these people do not see what Danny offers to the rest of the guys. Experience in abundance, a calm head on the field – the guy is an Outside Linebacker playing Quarterback for a top program – and most importantly his reputation allows for our other play makers be overlooked, which usually comes back to bite teams.

In terms of specific names, if anyone has watched our highlight reels, which Inkspot Media so brilliantly produced for us, every game we have someone else stepping up into the spotlight as either the 'go-to' receiver or the one to stay away from defensively. I don't think I need to name names, we have play makers all over the field and every one of our guys are capable of making a game changing play at any point. Better still, every Renegade is playing for their brother on the field and off.

DC: One of the overlooked parts of your team is the defence, which only conceded 78 points during the regular season and has posted two shutouts in the post season. Are you happy with the performance and almost playing second fiddle to the powerhouse offence?

The Renegades defence has been a renowned force in the league since the first year; all the team's points came from defence in that first season. We were worried at the start of the year having lost some very influential players both on the field and off, but guys have stepped up tremendously and we have rookies making plays you wouldn't expect on a regular basis. When you add the 14 points our defence has contributed to during the season and the large number of shutouts, everyone sees that our defence are still as good as ever.

As a unit the defence receives continuous praise and gratitude from our offense. The way the defence hands over brilliant field position to the offense means they have an easier time and they acknowledge that. The first thing both Danny Miller and our Offensive Coordinator Scott Messom said after the Glasgow game was to thank the defence for giving the offense the chance to win the game for them after a hard fought scoreless first half. Our offense appreciate the efforts our defence gives for the team and that is all that matters to us.

DC: It looked like you took quite a nasty knock last Sunday. With the short week are you going to be recovered in time for the final? A Number of other players went down as well, are there any concerns?

I had a bit of a panic, I didn't want to let my teammates down by being injured and not being with them to win that game. 100% I will be on that sideline kitted up with the rest of my guys ready to bring that trophy to Trent.

The surface on Sunday was quite slippery when it started raining and as both teams were going all out to earn the place in the final, it took its toll. All the lads who have been knocked up are doing the sensible thing and speaking to physios and such to get themselves physically ready.

DC: What went through your head when you were doing your lower third graphic intro? Do you regret going for the cheesy grin/thumbs up combination?

During the summer league I did a similar thing for the Nottingham Caesars graphics. I think I watched Nutty Professor before the shoot and Jerome Edwards agreed that it would be comical to try my hand at an Eddie Murphy cheesy grin this time around.

I think it's funny to watch, but unfortunately for everyone watching I try and make a lot of plays so I guess it pops up a fair few times. But no, I don't regret it!

DC: Danny Miller for MVP?

YES! The guy leads the team on a weekly basis on and off the field, he makes everyone better around him and I know that I would have struggled to become the player I have turned into without his guidance. So yes, Daniel Miller for MVP!

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