Thursday, 18 April 2013

Finals Interview: Dom Gould

GB Uni Lions and Hertfordshire Hurricanes Linebacker Dom Gould spoke to us before the final

DC: Do you feel that there is an added expectation on the team after winning in the final last year?

There is certainly an expectation for our club to get better than we were last year. However that isn't just as players but as an organisation overall.

DC: Do you feel that with so many key players graduating after this year, this is a case of one last hurrah or can Herts maintain this level?

I think the strength of our programme comes from the top. One thing I noticed the most from being at Herts, is the speed we get players with little or no experience into fully functioning athletes.

DC: Your defence has been one of the highest scoring defences in the league this year. WHat goes into creating a turnover hungry unit like that?

I think intensity, we have a mind set that we can and should be able to turn the ball over on any play. Similar to the way an offence may think they can score from anywhere on the field. I think we have scored more points on offences than they have scored on us.

DC: Could you talk a little about the P3 performance program you have at Hertfordshire?

The programme is basically a strength and conditioning/rehab/nutritional programme which some of the Elite players ( Those dedicating extra time and effort to improve their physical ability) are able t participate in. It's required that you are attending a gym 3 or more times a week. We have around 15+ guys meet at 730 every Wednesday where we workout under the supervision of 2 fully qualified SandC coaches. It really is a privilege to have this kind of treatment at this level of football. This is the kind of thing that propels us above some other programs.

DC: When watching tape, it always seems that Herts run a simple defensive scheme. What advantage do you think this gives you?

I think by having a simple scheme it allows us to make adjustments in a far more fluid fashion to that of a complex scheme. It also allows rookies to pick up the system easier.

DC: Has much changed from last years team? How does winning a national championship affect a team?

I have felt all season that we are better team than last year. I think we all knew from the beginning, that if we put in the work we said we were going to, we would be in this position.

DC: After such a good performance in the final last year, are you tempted to wear a cast again even without the injury?

I think i'll leave the cast this year, see if I can top my performance with two functioning limbs as opposed to one.

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