Friday, 26 April 2013

Premiership Predictions

Premiership North
West Coast Trojans vs. Birmingham Bulls
The Birmingham Bulls get a long road journey to begin the season and will travel to new Premier League team the West Coast Trojans. West Coast lost the Division one final last year in a rained affected game, however teams must be wary of the powerful offence.

The Bulls will be coming into this game with a new coaching staff and an almost completely rookie offensive line, not the best game to be taking on then! This is a tough one to call, but I think the Bulls inevitable growing pains will be too much to overcome and the Trojans will win the game.
Trojans by 3 scores

Nottingham Caesars vs. Coventry Jets
Blink and you'll miss it, the Nottingham Caesars are 0-2 already after being on the wrong end of a series whitewash versus Doncaster. Although they were able to hold the Doncaster offence for a solid half of football, the other three halves of their two games were abysmal and they'll need to pick it up to contend.

Coventry will be without last years starting quarterback Joe Brammer, who is now plying his trade in Europe, but there are rumours of several key pickups at offensive line nad wide receiver that may benefit the team. A rematch between two of last years division one teams and we see this game finishing much the same in a close encounter.
Caesars welcome back their NTU players and win by a score

Tamworth Phoenix vs. Lancashire Wolverines
Welcome to the Premier league Lancashire. Here, play the Phoenix! There have been some hugely positive steps at "the academy" in Lancashire, however playing your first game in the new league against one of the toughest opponents is a big ask.

Tamworth have coasted a little since getting into the premier league, neither pushing the established order of the London teams, nor getting pasted by the rest. They make an interesting prospect as you would think that the local influence of the newly crowned University national champions, the Birmingham Lions, would help and it will be interesting to see how they fare this year without wide receiver Jack Daley, who they lost to the Copenhagen bound London Blitz
Tamworth by four or five scores.

Yorkshire Rams vs. Doncaster Mustangs
Nothing like a Yorkshire derby to spice up a rather flat looking slate of games in the Premiership North this weekend. Doncaster were rampant in their two games against Nottingham and appear reborn under new coaches.

Yorkshire will be tested for the first time in game conditions this season and it is sure to be a heavily contested and physical game. However I think that Doncaster will carry their form into this game and pull clear.
Doncaster to win by a score

Premiership South
London Warriors vs London Olympians
When you think of rivalry games, for some reasons the London Warriors are almost always in the equation. The Blitz, the SWW and the Cats all have some bad blood with the Warriors (the Cats incident was the division 1 playoff game a few years back). However, two consecutive Britbowl losses aside, the Olympians perhaps hold the biggest rivalry when you look at the coaching staffs involved.
The Warriors pretty much breezed past the 5th best team in the country this past weekend, putting up a 50 burger for fun it seems. While letting in points is somewhat uncharacteristic of the Warriors, I think as the year goes on the defence will tighten up and recognise its potential weaknesses.
The O’s haven’t been in action yet, but as usual churn out the media hype around the team. They are, from last year’s standings, the 4th best team in the country. However, with no word of any big transfers or big signings it is hard to know how well the team will do.
We called last week’s Warrior fixture a little closer than it ended up, this weeks will be closer than 52-12, but not as close as a score, Warriors will win by 3-4 scores.
SWW vs. Saxons
This week we see the SWW and Saxons take the field for the first time this year. It will be intriguing to see how the champions of Division 2 match up against an ex-division 1 opponent before they take on the big boys of the premiership, they will need to make a good showing to be taken seriously in this division.
The South Wales Warriors have lost their QB and WR combo of Thomas and Cutlan which proved to be dynamic enough to score twice on the London Warriors this past weekend. This must be a big loss to the team. It remains to be seen how strong they might be this year, but one would imagine they will be weaker than in previous years.
The Saxons have momentum on their side coming in off a Britbowl finals appearance (even if it was division 2). Saxons by 3 scores.

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