Friday, 26 April 2013

James Goddard’s Protein Project – Not Long till Judgment Day

The Maximuscle Protein Project has been an incredible experience and I can’t believe we’re less than two weeks away from the end. The winner is decided on Wednesday 8th May and I’m giving everything I have in this, the final push.

Training wise I have continued the intense conditioning along with a decreased carbohydrate and calorie nutrition plan which, altogether, is helping me strip fat. Whilst it’s tough coming to the end of such a great project it’s amazing seeing the results. With a lot of training plans your first six to seven weeks may not offer much in terms of change, I was told this when I first started, and it can be hard not to lose motivation but keep on powering through and the results start to become really obvious. I’m very happy with where I’m at now and looking forward to the final photo shoot.

This week’s training tip is to be done in a pair. The exercise again has a leg focus that will develop your quads and help transition into more speed and explosion on the field. 

Resisted sprint to kettle bell squat and thruster super set.
Phase one – resisted sprints
-          Work with your partner, one running and the other resisting with a resistor band
-          Start in football specific position
-          10 Full speed 20m sprints
-          Make the resister work to keep up with you
-          Concentrate on form, high knees and drive
-          No rest between sprints 

Phase two – kettle bell squat
-          Hold the kettle bell tucked in at your chest with your palms facing inwards and elbows tight to your torso
-          From there, deep form squat, making sure your elbows hit your knees
-          8 reps
-          Form is essential in these squats

Phase three - kettle bell squat & press
-          Hold the kettle bell tucked in at your chest with your palms facing outwards and elbows tight to your torso
-          From there, a slow deep form squat, count to three as you squat
-          Drive upwards from the squat position simultaneously performing a shoulder press
-          8 reps
-          Keep this explosive
Things to remember for this exercise set is form, power and continuous work.
As I mentioned earlier my recent nutrition plan has been one with a very low carbohydrate and calorie intake. I am, however, allowed an occasional calorific shake. With this in mind and, dare I say it, summer on its way I’ve been treating myself to an epic protein slushy. It’s really easy to make:

Blueberry Promax Slushy 
-          1 scoop Maximuscle Promax
-          1 scoop Maxiraw Caesin
-          Half punnet of blueberries
-          300-400mls water

Blend all the ingredients, poor into a container and leave in the freezer until slushy or hard. Blueberry Promax Slushy, done.

This shake is ideal for taking in the evening as it has both quick release and slow release protein. Your body will get the protein it needs directly after exercise and then also have enough in store to continue replenishing your muscles whilst you sleep.

As you all know the NFL Draft is this weekend and, as usual, the full craze of the draft is taking hold. Pundits are taking about a low quality draft but also the large number of trades that ‘should’ take place in the last minute tussle for the brightest future prospects of the NFL. As always there are ‘sleepers’, ‘top picks’, ‘duds’ and countless comparisons of new players who look to be the reincarnation of previous legends. One thing, that in my opinion is blindingly obvious for all to see, is that the athleticism, speed and strength of the players grow every year. New records are set and broken regularly. It is hard to look past the ever increasing levels of training, nutritional support and education the players are now given as the reason for these developments.

These are changes I have seen personally through my Protein Project challenge. I can visibly see changes in my body shape and can feel improvements in my strength, power and athletiscm. I can’t wait to transfer these onto the football field. It’s been three months and the gains have been incredible; so for all you players, coaches and prospects out there, training and nutrition make a difference. It’s a cliché but it’s so true, the only thing that is standing in the way of your success is you. Train hard and win easy...simple.

Check out this video of me and the other contestants, David and Ollie, wrapping up our experience with friends and relatives:

I have one week left of the Protein Project and I am keen to try and answer any questions you guys might have. Drop your questions to me @James_ProteinP and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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