Wednesday, 22 May 2013

National League Power Rankings Week Six

1. Chester Romans (3-0)
No game for the Romans this weekend past means they get at least one more week at the top of our Power Rankings. Bask in the glory Legion.

2. Bedfordshire Blue Raiders (3-0)
As with the Romans the Blue Raiders didn’t have a game in this week’s sparse fixture list. They’re currently holding off the impressive Solent Thrashers for second place.

3. Solent Thrashers (2-0)
The Thrashers overcame the Oxford Saints 13-0 in their second game after whupping the Farnham Knights in their first. If they keep up this form then they’ll be rising up our Power Rankings in the coming weeks.

4. Colchester Gladiators (2-0)
No game for the Glads, so they hang around in fourth place. Next up for them is the Watford Cheetahs in just under a fortnight.

5. Merseyside Nighthawks (1-0)
The highest place team with only one game played. The Nighthawks impressed against the Shropshire Revolution and fully deserve their top-5 spot. They face off against the Lincolnshire Bombers this weekend looking to move up again.

6. Gateshead Senators (2-0-1)
DC Towers predicted a Gateshead win in a low scoring game against the Edinburgh Wolves. We were half right. The Senators got the win but a 26-0 score line (the second 26-0 defeat of Edinburgh’s season) is hardly low scoring from an offence that tends not to score that many points. Had there been more games played then perhaps the Senators would have moved up. As it is they stay at 6 as our highest team without a 100% record.

7. Glasgow Tigers (2-0-1)
The Tigers hold on to 7th place for another week having not played this weekend. Can they stick around in our Power Rankings for an extended period of time?

8. Shropshire Revolution (3-1)
Ah Shropshire, you continue to toy with us. A 39-7 home defeat at the hands of Merseyside was enough for us to drop them out of the Power Rankings but they’ve clawed back in with a nailbiting 27-26 victory over former Power Ranking leaders, the Manchester Titans after we predicted a Titans win. They’re a capable team but one going through a transitional period. Will this win kick start a successful run?

9. DC Presidents (1-0)
No game for DC until this weekend when they face off against the 0-3 Dundee Hurricanes but in a fortnight’s time they play the Gateshead Senators. With North East pride, potential lead in the division and our Power Rankings at stake, who will come out on top?

10. Gloucester Centurions (1-0)
The Centurions opened their campaign by knocking off the previously undefeated Bristol Apache 30-18 a week ago. Can they topple Solent this weekend?

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